Top Three DeFi Projects to Watch in 2024: Borroe Finance, Polkadot, and Polygon, According to Analysts

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According to experts, three DeFi projects – Borroe Finance ($ROE), Polkadot (DOT), and Polygon (MATIC) have come to light for higher gains in 2024. However, investors are choosing $ROE as the reliable investment for 2024. Will $ROE topple established coins like DOT and MATIC as the best crypto to invest in? Let’s find out.


Borroe Finance Is the New DeFi Revolution

Today, investors have a huge interest in blockchain projects. That’s why investors are gearing up toward Borroe Finance, one of the new DeFi projects built on the reliable and scalable Polygon blockchain. This growing optimism for Borroe Finance stems from its potential to revamp Web3 and DeFi landscapes. 

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Moreover, Borroe Finance stands as an AI-powered NFT funding marketplace. It helps to solve the fundraising problems that Web3 users face. Its decentralized identity has made $ROE among top altcoins.

Borroe Finance’s native token, $ROE, offers a lucrative opportunity for investors to realize potential gains. Likewise, Borroe Finance is in the midst of Stage 4, selling $ROE at $0.0190. Early adopters in $ROE  have already accumulated a 90% gain to this stage. 

Meanwhile, there’s another opportunity awaiting investors to earn 110.5% ROI when $ROE reaches its target price at $0.0400 at the end of the presale. Once $ROE is released on DEX (decentralized exchange), it’s shooting among the stars.

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For this reason, analysts boast $ROE as one of the best crypto investment picks in 2024, unlike some other hype-driven coin offerings.


Is Polkadot a Solid Investment Pick?

Over the past year, Polkadot has performed remarkably well, witnessing an outstanding surge of DOT’s price by 25%. Polkadot’s positive performance indicated a profitable venture for DOT investors.

More specifically, towards the end of 2023, Polkadot announced a groundbreaking development, Inscriptions. With this announcement, Polkadot hit an ATH in weekly transactions. In turn, this has also boosted demand for DOT, making an excellent surge of 57% in December 2023. 

However, Polkadot faced challenges and could not continue its positive run at the start of 2024. As of mid-January, DOT was trading at around $7.00

Besides that, the Polkadot network has announced several developments that will propel DOT’s price in 2024. If the developments surrounding the DOT ecosystem are successful, DOT will set for robust performance in 2024. Experts on Polkadot’s price prediction reveal that DOT might reach a potential high of $18.00 in 2024.

Will Polygon Shine in 2024?

Following Polygon’s impressive rebound at the end of 2023, MATIC marked December as the month of resurgence. Also, Polygon revealed a higher influx of developers only behind Ethereum, which bolstered the confidence surrounding the Polygon ecosystem. 

Likewise, MATIC aimed to continue the same run at the start of 2024 but failed to do so. However, MATIC’s surge was short-lived after the sparking controversy of the Polygon Foundation regarding the misuse and sell-off of large MATIC. Therefore, Polygon didn’t expect such a start for 2024, which also added a downfall in MATIC’s price.

In Polygon’s price analysis, MATIC has been under bearish pressure since the start of January. As of mid-January, MATIC was trading at $0.79. However, Polygon’s BoP indicator traded in a bullish region, suggesting a boost in MATIC’s upward correction. 

Experts say that if Polygon gains its momentum back, MATIC will climb high to $1.02 in 2024.

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