Trezor Unveils Game-Changing Safe 5 Crypto Hardware Wallet


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Trezor, the renowned crypto hardware wallet manufacturer, has launched three new products at BTC Prague 2024 targeted at promoting self-custody of digital assets. These include the Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet, a Bitcoin-only version, and the “Trezor Expert” onboarding service.

The introduction of these products is a notable move towards providing an additional layer of security for safeguarding users’ digital assets. Given the incessant hacker attacks on digital assets, Trezor is taking proactive steps to secure its devices.

Enhanced Features for Secure Crypto Management

The Trezor Safe 5 hardware wallet has been designed to safely secure and store, manage, stake, and use thousands of cryptocurrencies through the Trezor Suite desktop and mobile app. It possesses a state-of-the-art secure element to safeguard sensitive information and conduct cryptographic operations. Additionally, it comes with an improved 20-word backup process and haptic feedback.

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Notably, the Trezor device is open-source, that is, members of the community can audit and fix vulnerabilities faster. This openness, however, can compromise device status in cases of theft. Nonetheless, the protocol assures that its Trezor Safe 5 hardware element has achieved an EAL 6+ certification, indicating its resilience against sophisticated attacks that result in loss of funds.

Trezor Advanced Backup Options

As per backup, the updated process allows users to upgrade from a standard single-share to a more robust multi-share backup. This enhances its security by eliminating single points of failure. According to the explanation provided by the wallet manufacturer, the backup was created using Shamir’s secret sharing to divide the master secret key into multiple unique shares.

The essence is to guarantee that when some shares are lost, users can still access their crypto by selecting the number of shares required to restore the wallet. Furthermore, backup phrases will be protected from accidents such as water, fire, and physical damage when in July, Trezor introduces a 20-word version of its Trezor Keep Metal solution.

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Addressing the Needs of Crypto Enthusiasts

The Safe 5 has been expanded to include a broader range of options. Notably, the Safe 5 provides users with an unlimited version of the orange Bitcoin-only and Black Graphite models. This is a significant upgrade from the limited edition available on the Safe 3.

Additionally, there is the Trezor Expert service which offers personalized, one-on-one onboarding sessions to help users set up their crypto cold-storage devices and become proficient in self-custody solutions.

Data analysts say these come at a significant cost and individual users may need to consider the pros and cons of storing Bitcoin in hardware wallets against software wallets.

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