TRON & Bitcoin Advocates Discover Raffle Coin’s Gem – 30X Returns Predicted as Presale Enthusiasm Peaks


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Decentralized projects that bring genuine utility have been in extreme demand over the past year. This is why so many experienced investors have been enamored with RaffleCoin, which is an online platform for raffling that has been going berserk in just its presale thanks to its innovative nature. TRON and Bitcoin traders have been especially fascinated with the perks RaffleCoin brings and it’s hard to blame them. 

TRON’s Recent Behavior and Community Reactions

Following TRON’s recent bearish behavior, the community has not been happy, to say the least. Considering the fact that TRX opened the month of March with a price of about $0,14, some traders predicted that it could reach $0,20 pre-halving, however, that seems highly unlikely at the moment, unless a crazy momentum shift happens. This bearish period was definitely a shock to TRX traders and it will be interesting to see how long time holders will move in the future.

Some analysts are saying that TRX has the potential to bounce back. This is definitely true, but to what extent? Will it bounce back harder than what some of its other altcoin counterparts can get to? This is why a lot of TRON investors have taken their bags over to RaffleCoin, as it could genuinely be the next blue-chip crypto by revolutionizing the online raffle space.

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Bitcoin Price Movement Ahead of the Long-Anticipated Halving

BTC has experienced a small increase in price following the correction of the past week. As of April 5th, it is sitting at $67,663, which is a pretty solid jump from the past couple of days. However experienced analysts will tell you that short-term changes don’t mean too much when it comes to Bitcoin, especially when it comes to investing. Leverage traders may beg to differ, but even they have been making substantial gains from BTC.

An anonymous crypto analyst claimed that BTC will definitely hit $100,000 this year and people are wholeheartedly agreeing with him. The fact that it is considered “Digital Gold” helps its case tremendously. The same analyst says that a $500,000 BTC token is possible sooner than many people think, which might sound crazy right now, but there is a high possibility he is right in the future. 

RaffleCoin Rallying a Community of Experienced BTC and TRX Traders

Experienced investors of Bitcoin and TRON are extremely enthusiastic about RaffleCoin as it solves most of the problems that the traditional raffle space has been experiencing. RaffleCoin is fully decentralized, making it unique and not like other centralized raffle platforms. It also has historically low fees as well as instant withdrawals. It also has a rewards program that incentivizes users to complete simple tasks to help out the platform.

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There are no safety issues because it has already passed its audit. Having said that, there also isn’t a problem with transparency. Team tokens will be locked for two years and liquidity will be secured for life, which will enhance community and team transparency. At under $0.016, this is a great offer and seasoned industry professionals believe it has the potential to grow into a well-known blue-chip cryptocurrency.

Find out more about RaffleCoin by visiting their website.

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