Trump’s Crypto Holdings Surge to $6.26M+; Interest Peaks in Solana & Emerging AI Altcoin


Former President Donald Trump recently ventured into digital investment. With the rapid rise in crypto prices, his holdings have reportedly grown to a new ATH of $6.26 million, which is impressive. The growth in his holdings further proves that cryptocurrency investing is a lucrative investment venture, especially for high-profile investors like Trump. His crypto investment ranged from upcoming memecoins like Maga (MAGA) to top DeFi projects like Polygon (MATIC).

Now that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing healthy growth, attention has shifted to altcoins with the potential to deliver bullish breakouts soon. Among the top performers are InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL). While Solana has been pulling impressive interest with its recent surge, InQubeta has been delivering mouth watering growth during its presale. These performances have increased investment interest in both altcoins.

Let’s explore the rising interest in Solana and InQubeta as Trump’s crypto holdings increase.

InQubeta (QUBE) Commands Impressive Interest In Its Early Development Stage 

InQubeta recently progressed into the eighth stage of its ongoing presale, and the excitement surrounding the platform continues to hit new highs. Investors can buy the QUBE token at a discount price of $0.0245. The token is set to rally to $0.0308 when it launches on exchanges, offering investors a quick 20% gain. Thanks to rising demand for the crypto ICO, experts are confident that QUBE could rally by a hundredfold. 

InQubeta offers life-changing returns and has more enticing advantages, like profits from the AI sector. InQubeta is an AI-centered cryptocurrency platform praised for using fractionalized NFTs to provide investment opportunities in the AI sector. When QUBE holders buy these NFTs, they reap exponential gains as AI adoption grows. 

InQubeta also introduces staking benefits to the platform, allowing investors to earn passive income. The platform’s commitment to a DeFi approach has won over more investors than expected. The crypto ICO recently hit a milestone sale of over 856 million tokens, raising over $10.9 million. This milestone shows that investor interest has reached new heights, giving the platform a competitive edge over top DeFi projects.

Solana (SOL) Shows Rising Interest, Suggesting Incoming Bullish Run 

Solana recently outperformed Binance (BNB), surpassing it in the cryptocurrency market cap rankings. This success comes from rising interest in the Solana ecosystem, thanks to its affiliations with trending airdrops and meme coins. According to on-chain activity, Solana’s Open Interest recently grew by over 110%, hitting a new record of around $1.75 billion. This development proves that investor engagement and market activity are increasing for SOL.

The excitement from Bitcoin’s climb to $68,000 has also boosted interest in Solana. The Bitcoin halving event is less than two months away, and since it’s known to trigger bullish moves in altcoins, investors have been filing into Solana. Some analysts have predicted that SOL will be worth $500 by the end of the year.

Trump Records Impressive Profits From Crypto Investing 

Donald Trump has increased his crypto asset holdings to $6.26 million, thanks to a well-timed investment in Trump-branded tokens. Trump, who has been neutral towards Bitcoin, finds his crypto portfolio boosted by the TRUMP token. The token represents over $2.98 million in his holdings. His investment strategy isn’t fixed on this one token; there’s also 340 Ethereum (ETH) and over 368 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH).

Both of them are worth nearly $2 million. Trump’s collection of NFT cards increases his cryptocurrency net worth to $6.26 million. The TRUMP token has delivered an impressive 44% appreciation to $5.19, showcasing its growing popularity. Despite this, Trump’s direct influence on Bitcoin’s value is still minor since the TRUMP coin operates within its ecosystem.

Final Thoughts 

Trump’s expanding interest in digital currencies could indirectly affect crypto performance. The more public figures invest in crypto, the more digital investment will grow. InQubeta and Solana are already showing explosive potential, boosting their investment interest. While Solana could hit a new ATH soon, InQubeta could turn new investors into millionaires after its launch. The presale is the best time to invest, and its 15% presale bonus will make it easier for investors to buy as many QUBE tokens as they want.

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