Turn $1K Into $100K with These 4 Coins: ($IOTX, $WIF, $DYDX, $GFOX)

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Crypto enthusiasts can have a profitable 2024 with the right purchase for their crypto holdings. The buzzing Galaxy Fox and some other altcoins have shown good prospects, and they’re on hand to be the best cryptos to invest in. Check them out below. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Presale Meme Coin With 100× Potential 

Galaxy Fox is currently one of the numerous tokens on presale, but the meme coin’s ICO is far more impressive. Crypto enthusiasts have shown great trust in the project, propelling its presale ICO to the top performer of the year. But Galaxy Fox didn’t gain the trust and adoption with mere hype. The meme coin has excellent prospects in a time when GameFi and memecoins are a leading narrative, and its utility and features set it apart from most conventional meme coins. The interstellar fox-themed meme coin has combined utilities in fast-growing ecosystems, making it highly likely to boom. 

Galaxy Fox will combine P2E elements with its meme feature while allowing holders to explore the NFT world and web3 space. The highly anticipated meme coin has a high ceiling, and visionary investors are committed to it. $GFOX is almost done with its presale stage 7, and its presale token value is expected to increase heading into the next stage. Joining the presale now increases potential yield. 

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The Galaxy Fox ecosystem will have numerous opportunities for users to earn passive income. From playing its endless runner game to staking $GFOX or accumulating $GFOX tokens, there’s always a way to improve your finances in the ecosystem. The meme coin is expected to become prominent and could outshine existing tokens in the meme ecosystem. 

IoTex (IOTX) Price Outlook

IoTex provides an ecosystem where humans and machines can interact securely and freely, with guaranteed economic incentives. The well-researched crypto project has served users’ needs satisfactorily, causing some good fortune for its native token, IOTX, in the past. 

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However, the token’s current outlook is bearish. It has dropped by over 20% in the last month and is much closer to its year-low. Amidst the heavy decline, IOTX’s year-to-date run is still in the positive zone, as the YTD yield is still over 30%. IOTX trades around $0.039, a 6% decline from its 24-hour high. IOTX aims to weather the storm in the coming weeks, and it may surge beyond its $0.06 year-high soon. 

Can Dogwifhat ($WIF) Succeed in the Competitive Crypto Space?  

Dogwifhat ($WIF) is a new meme coin with a promising start in the crypto space. The token is gaining attention with its unique theme, which has appealed to many in the meme ecosystem. This attention is gradually bringing $WIF under the spotlight, but observers are concerned about its relevance in the long run. However, the meme coin’s developers are expected to improve it with innovative additions and use cases to improve its adoption and make it more valuable. It recently got a listing pair on BitMex, indicating the altcoin’s gradual growth. $WIF will likely succeed in the short term, but its long-term prospects could be more promising. 

Can $DYDX Replicate Its Previous Year’s Strong Rally? 

$DYDX currently has over 40% year-to-date price pump. The altcoin crossed the $4 price zone in the previous year and will be looking to set a better year-high before this year ends. Currently, $DYDX hovers around $2.60 – $2.80, as it constantly attempts to return to the $4+ price zone. The bulls could permanently regain control, with the market expected to recover in a few weeks. 

Per analysis, the altcoin could reach $10 before the year ends, placing it among the best cryptos to invest in now. $DYDX could make a good portfolio addition, too, but investors must apply necessary risk mitigation strategies before committing to the altcoin. 


The crypto market’s current high volatility has caused many altcoins to dip. This makes it increasingly essential for investors to get cryptocurrencies that can help them bounce back. While the crypto market isn’t predictable, some of these altcoins may prove their worth as the best cryptos to invest in. Of the four altcoins, Galaxy Fox has the best potential. The meme coin is slated to possibly grab a top 3 position in the ecosystem. This makes it one of the best investments to make for those interested in scoring highest returns. Get in now before the presale is over!

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