Underwhelmed BNB Holders Pivot To Raboo’s Rousing Presale, As AAVE Drowns Under $100


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Binance Coin (BNB) has steadily declined from its peak of $720.67 on June 6th, currently trading at $575 after a 2.50% drop this week. Similarly, AAVE struggles to regain momentum, experiencing an 8% decline this month. Subsequently, investors are jumping ship to a new AI crypto coin.

Raboo has emerged as one of the top crypto coins to buy in 2024, projected to offer sustainable and profitable returns. With Raboo already showing a 60% increase since its initial stage, both BNB and AAVE holders might see it as an enticing opportunity for summer profits, making Raboo one of the best cryptos to buy.

BNB faces bearish pressure, drops below key averages

BNB has been severely hit by broader market volatility, declining from its record high of $720.67 on June 6th. With the crypto coin currently trading at $571, crypto analysts still have yet to identify any positive signs of a BNB price recovery.

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The current price action suggests a bearish outlook for BNB as it struggles to regain momentum above key technical barriers. The breach below the 20-day EMA indicates ongoing selling pressure, reinforcing the downtrend’s strength.

With declining demand for cryptocurrencies overall, BNB faces challenges in reclaiming higher price levels, potentially signaling further downside risk in the near term. There’s really no hope in sight, and BNB investors can only watch or move on to other promising projects.

AAVE declines amidst supply surge

AAVE continues to struggle with exceeding the $100 mark, the token currently trading at $95 at the time of writing. Some experts have predicted that the AAVE price stagnation will continue, citing AAVE‘s increased supply on exchanges as a sign of raging selling pressure.

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Recently, crypto news reports about the AAVE community supporting the Lido Alliance and advancements like the stETH-Focused V3 deployment. While these developments should count as positive signals, they have been overshadowed by broader market volatility and mixed signals within the cryptocurrency sector.

AAVE’s continued price struggle to surge above $100 reflects a cautious sentiment among investors as they navigate the volatility in tokens like AAVE. Some newer projects, like Raboo, have been tipped as some of the best cryptos to buy as they offer a chance to recover previous losses and even make more profits.

Raboo: AI crypto coin set to redefine meme-creation

Raboo is a promising AI crypto coin that stands at the forefront of innovation by integrating SocialFi and artificial intelligence. The meme coin has caught the attention of the crypto market for its ambition to cleanse the meme industry of low-quality memes.

With loads of boring and uncreative memes that have continued to flood the meme  industry, it’s time someone puts an end to the boring trend. Raboo is that guy, who’s coming to save the day, and not only that, the project comes with rewards too!

Raboo features a generative AI, Rabooscan, that sources quality memeable content from social media platforms. There’s a pool of $135M in place that will reward users for every piece of quality content they share via the Post-to Earn platform.

On the price side, analysts are predicting a bullish price trajectory for the $RABT token. There is 233% ROI waiting in its presale and a 100x surge after its launch. Also, investor confidence in Raboo is high as its smart contract has been audited by the ever-reliable SolidProof.


Raboo, an innovative AI crypto coin, has swiftly gained popularity and support across the market. The project has almost raised $2 million and gained nearly 3,000 token holders in its presale journey.

Raboo is championing SocialFi and AI integration and promising to redefine community engagement in the crypto market. With a promising price trajectory, Raboo is a viable profit option for investors.

Currently in Stage 4 and selling at $0.0048, Raboo’s 233% and 100x profit projections in the presale and post-launch stages make the $RABT token one of the best cryptos to buy now.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

Telegram: https://t.me/RabootokenPortal 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official

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