Vitalik Buterin Pushes for ETH Network to Strengthen its Defense


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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is pushing for the Ethereum network to strengthen its defenses against possible 51% attacks. According to his speech at ETHCC in Brussels, Buterin stressed the need to develop automatic responses to these threats, which he thinks would reduce the pressure on the network’s social layer.

ETH Network Needs to be Prepared to Fight Against 51% Attack

A 51% attack takes place when a malicious individual or a group acquires more than half of Ethereum blocks, enabling them to manipulate transactions and potentially cause significant disruption.

Buterin’s proposal aims to make the response process more efficient and automated. This would reduce the need for community members to make decisions on the spot. He said a faster and more consistent system would lead to a faster and more consistent response to attacks, making the network stronger and more stable. 

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Interestingly, Buterin’s plan for an automatic response system addresses these weaknesses by deciding ahead of time what the network would do if a 51% attack occurred. This could involve actions like temporarily stopping certain transactions or activating security protocols to prevent harmful activities.

Vitalik Buterin Unveiled Plan to Address Quantum Risk

Furthermore, Vitalik Buterin revealed a comprehensive strategy aimed at fortifying Ethereum’s defenses against threats posed by quantum computers. He also outlined a potential recovery plan in a quantum emergency. 

The plan was revealed in his latest research titled, “How to hard-fork to save most users’ funds in a quantum emergency” wherein he proposed diverse measures to safeguard user funds in the face of quantum advancements. Buterin stressed the significance of quantum-resistant cryptography in protecting the Ethereum system against the threat of malicious entities utilizing quantum computers to pilfer users’ funds.

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Additionally, he suggested the deactivation of conventional externally owned account (EOA)-based transactions and proposed the implementation of a novel transaction category permitting transactions from smart contract wallets.

Buterin Advocate AI Integration to Solve ETH’s Woes

In February, the visionary co-founder of Ethereum said he believed Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be crucial in identifying bugs and verifying code within the Ethereum ecosystem. He opines that AI-driven solutions could assist in code verification, ensuring that smart contracts and protocol updates adhere to rigorous reliability and security standards.

Notably, Buterin’s vision underscores the symbiotic relationship between blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. By harnessing AI’s analytical capabilities, blockchain platforms like Ethereum can augment their functionality and mitigate inherent technical risks. Recall that Buterin mentioned that AI can surpass human intellect and become the apex species in the future.

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