Watch Your Wallet Grow: Altcoins That Could Skyrocket In The Bull Run


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With Bitcoin (BTC) trading at $60,000 after its halving earlier in Q2, the crypto market is getting ready for the next bull run. Analysts predict that this bull season will begin in late 2024 based on new institutional investments, regulatory changes, and blockchain maturation. 

Investors are looking now for the next gems to diversify their portfolios before the new season. Altcoins like Arweave (AR), Flare (FLR), and Rollblock (RBLK) have shown promise over the past months, and experts tip that Rollblock (RBLK) could be top new altcoin to watch out for before the growth season begins. 

Arweave (AR) Outperforms 82% of Top 100 Crypto Assets In 1 Year

Last year, Arweave’s (AR) price increased by 405%. Now trading at $26.42, Arweave’s price chart shows a downward trend in correlation with the rest of the crypto market. Analysts monitoring Arweave’s technical indicators also note that the current market sentiment is bearish. 

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However, Arweave is expected to rise in Q3. Based on historical data, experts tip that Arweave’s ($AR) price could reach $36. With Arweave currently trading at $26.42, this increase would attract thousands of bullish investors, pushing Arweave as high as $40. 

Flare (FLR) Maintains Neutral Technical Indicators

With a $1 billion market cap and 100 billion Flare ($FLR) in total supply, Flare (FLR) is one of the top altcoins that could stand out in the bull run. Like most altcoins, Flare’s price has been impacted by the current bear market and now sells at $0.0247. 

However, analysts predict that this Flare downtrend is temporary. Analysts monitoring sentiment, fear and greed index, 50-day SMA, and 200-day SMA reported that Flare maintains neutrality across all indicators. Flare is expected to grow between $0.024 and $0.114 by 2025, a 360% increase. 

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Rollblock’s (RBLK) Is The Top Altcoin To Watch Out For

Rollblock (RBLK) is a top GambleFi protocol designed to disrupt the $540 billion gambling industry. Using blockchain technology, Rollblock aims to close the gap between centralized and decentralized gaming. 

Over the past year, millions of gamers have encountered a lack of transparency in online gaming, which has caused market confidence to fall. By processing transactions with blockchain technology, Rollblock ensures that every bet placed is secure. This security-focused approach has attracted thousands of players to the Rollblock platfrom, which is already live, licensed and generating profit. 

Rollblock also makes it easier for investors and players to access the platform, unlike regular online iGaming platfrom, Rollblock doesn’t require KYC verification for users to sign up. To start playing, users only need to connect their wallet or sign up with their email. 

While playing, investors can earn $RBLK tokens, which will power the Rollblock ecosystem. Rollblock has also developed a system to increase the token’s value and offer investors more rewards. Up to 30% of the earnings from the casino will go into buying $RBLK tokens for the open market. Half of these tokens are burned to increase Rollblock’s ($RBLK) price. The rest is redistributed to token holders as rewards. 

Rollblock is now in stage 3 of the presale with over 100 million $RBLK sold over the past weeks. Rollblock’s price is currently trading at $0.015, a huge 50% increase since the presale initially began! The price also scheduled to increase in early July, attracting investors who want to get in before the price shoots up. As stated in the tokenomics, Rollblock has a fixed supply of 1 billion $RBLK, but only 60% is allocated to the presale. With this limited supply, analysts predict $RBLK value could rise by up to 800% before the end of the presale. Given that Rollblock is currently trading at its lowest ever price, this is a huge opportunity to buy low and sell high. 

As a new altcoin disrupting one of the world’s fastest growing global industries, Rollblock (RBLK) stands out from other altcoins. In addition to the superior industry positioning, Rollblock’s fast payouts, transparent analytics, easy transactions, and revenue-share model have made it a big hit in the DeFi presale space. Investors who buy now are expected to make huge returns, with experts predicting that $RBLK could see a 100x return in the coming weeks. 

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