Whale Sell Off Sparks Fear Amongst Uniswap (UNI) and Fantom (FTM) Holders; Here Is One Crypto Whales Are Accumulating Instead


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Whales have a huge influence over the price action of cryptocurrencies and a single whale can tank the price of a low-market crypto overnight. Though relatively high market crypto’s such as Fantom and Uniswap are largely immune to massive dumps, bearish whales are bound to negatively affect the price action in the short-term. As whales sell off these coins, attention is instead turned to play-to-earn cryptos in the DeFi gaming sector, such as Rollblock. 

Rollblock is shaping up to be one of the most promising investments of 2024. It boasts a fully-developed casino platform on the Ethereum blockchain, merging the best of decentralized and centralized gaming. As excitement around Rollblock intensifies and momentum gathers, experts anticipate returns that could exceed 100x in the coming weeks.

Uniswap Recovery Likely Following Partial Whale Exodus In July

Alongside Sushiswap, Uniswap is one of Ethereum’s primary DEX’s, allowing users to seamlessly swap between thousands of Ethereum-based tokens. Because of Uniswap’s essential utility, Uniswap is aptly considered an essential project in the space.

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However, Uniswap’s interest may decline this month amid a whale sell-off. On-chain Data indicates that the percentage of large addresses holding Uniswap has decreased, with a particularly large holder selling over 561,000 UNI tokens.

Despite this, Uniswap’s price hasn’t substantially diminished as the market experienced a minor crash, down only 17% in one month. This reflects Uniswap’s stability, and Uniswap is expected to recover in Q4.

Fantom Struggles In July As Bitcoin Dumps

Fantom was one of 2021’s biggest gainers, though Fantom has failed to leave a mark since that point. This has rendered crypto analysts skeptical regarding whether a resurgence for Fantom could occur.

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Fantom is down over 38% in one month, reflecting market disinterest and potential whale sell-offs. As investors desert smart-contract platforms such as Fantom, hype is inevitably redirected towards DeFi gaming cryptocurrencies such as Rollblock.

Rollblock 100x Surge On The Cards As Market Interest Increases

Rollblock (RBLK) is a groundbreaking Play-to-Earn GambleFi token that merges centralized and decentralized gambling ecosystems. With a strong focus on transparency and trust, Rollblock leverages blockchain technology to secure transactions, ensuring they are traceable and immutable, which greatly enhances security.

Rollblock is known for its accessibility, allowing users to engage with the platform without the typical hurdles of online casinos. By removing the need for KYC, Rollblock enables players to quickly start playing by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet or signing up with an email. This straightforward entry method reduces barriers and attracts a wider audience.

The platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes navigation easy for both experienced gamers and newcomers. This emphasis on accessibility improves the user experience, leading to broader adoption and engagement, positioning Rollblock as a top choice in the gaming and cryptocurrency markets.

Rollblock is currently expanding into the sports betting arena. This new feature broadens the platform’s appeal but also taps into a highly-demanded market, providing additional utility for RBLK tokens while attracting a different audience. This expansion is expected to drive further growth for Rollblock’s comprehensive gaming ecosystem.

Furthermore, Rollblock allocates up to 30% of weekly profits to RBLK holders. This revenue is used to buy back tokens from the open market, with 50% being permanently burned and the remaining 50% distributed to RBLK stakers.

These features have resulted in significant whale activity, with large transactions and holdings of RBLK tokens. This whale activity reflects confidence in the project’s potential and suggests strategic accumulation, setting Rollblock up to become a leading cryptocurrency in 2024.

Currently, in stage 3 of the presale, Rollblock is trading at $0.015. With a fixed supply of 1 billion RBLK and 60% allocated to the presale, analysts predict an over 800% increase in value before the presale ends.

As the native token of a platform designed to redefine the future of online gaming and casinos, Rollblock is poised to become the leading DeFi token of 2024. Its comprehensive utility, revenue-sharing model, and opportunities for token holders offer significant growth potential. Analysts expect Rollblock to experience a 100x surge in the coming weeks, making now an ideal time to acquire Rollblock tokens.

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