What Does Bitcoin Week Have in Store for Tron and Raboo? Get Ready For Big Moves.


Interest in  top altcoins is on the rise, after Bitcoin successfully recovered from its previous downtrend, surpassing the critical price mark of $71,000 which is key to triggering the Bitcoin mega rally soon. 

Some of the tokens that have been identified to benefit from this mega rally include Tron (TRX) and the revolutionary meme coin currently in presale, Raboo, which has already raised over $1. million. Let’s find out how Bitcoin’s recovery can further impact the growth of both Tron and Raboo.

TRX up 12%, poised to break resistance levels following Bitcoin expected rally

While Bitcoin continues to recover from its previous price fluctuations, experts and investors have been optimistic lately about  Tron (TRX) rallying along with the dominant cryptocurrency. Interestingly, this expectation became more realistic when large token holders of TRX, worth more than $100,000 and under $10 million, consistently acquired more TRX tokens, accumulating over a whopping $160 million worth of TRX over the previous month.

As a result of this consistent accumulation by large TRX holders,  TRX coin has witnessed a significant boost in demand in the market. Also, when looking at the monthly price charts, the token has been on an uptrend, with about 12% increase.

Moreover, Tron is now edging closer to its all-time-high (ATH) of  $0.3004 according to CoinMarketCap, a crypto data-tracking platform. While the TRX price traded at $0.12 as of writing time, it is getting close to a resistance level at $0.127. According to analysts, if Tron can maximize the upcoming Bitcoin rally to breach this resistance and also a higher resistance of $0.130, it could potentially trigger a rally that will take it back to its ATH.

Bitcoin week bonanza: Low-cost Raboo presale offers easy entry for meme coin investors

Raboo, the new AI-meme coin, is among the altcoins that investors are expected to benefit significantly during the Bitcoin week. With $RABT tokens currently selling for just $0.0042 per token, and a potential of rallying by 233% during the presale, Raboo stands as a very promising option for both cryptocurrency beginners  or anyone aiming to capitalize on the massive move in the market triggered by the Bitcoin week, with a modest capital.

Asides its presale, Investors can  benefit from  Raboo amid the Bitcoin rally by participating in the platform’s competition, which includes displaying their AI-content generative skills and making memes, to earn rewards and prizes. Furthermore,  investors will have the chance to interact with a diverse and enthusiastic community of meme enthusiasts, exchange, share ideas and  build relationships that will enhance their overall participation within the platform.

Additionally, Raboo investors will get to witness a mindblowing transformation within the meme sector as the platform seeks to merge SocialFi, MemeFi, and blockchain technologies to enhance digital creativity and promote a forward-thinking  and community-driven cryptocurrency experience. 

Moreover, with  Raboo’s partnerships with prominent platforms and influencers, investors will also be able to maximize the meme project’s marketing strategies, which has mutual benefits like increased market exposure and potential growth which will ultimately push Raboo to be one of the top altcoins in the industry.


While Bitcoin’s resurgence ignited interest for altcoins, both Tron and Raboo stand to gain from this upcoming broader market rally, offering unique value propositions for investors. However, due to Raboo’s affordability, AI-powered features, and high growth potential, it is believed to be a more suitable option for investors seeking to capitalize on Bitcoin week’s momentum. Hence, analysts recommend this new presale token as a must-have as the market anticipates a potential rally in altcoins during the Bitcoin week.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

Telegram: https://t.me/RabootokenPortal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official

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