Why DTX Could Become the Next Big Thing In DeFi, Contending Against Notcoin And Solana


The DeFi market is wide and highly competitive, and new tokens need help attracting investors. However, DTX Exchange (DTX) is likely to surpass Notcoin (NOT) and Solana (SOL) on its path to the top of the DeFi sector. Discover why DTX is unlike other new tokens in the race for the top DeFi best altcoins for next bull run against NOT and SOL. 


DTX Exchange Ready To Jump To The Top Of DeFi Market Following Public Presale Demand

The recent market entrant, DTX Exchange, is a decentralized finance marketplace enabling access to centralized and crypto-based assets. As crypto adoption grows, most investors straddle both worlds to maximize profits. With DTX bringing them together under one roof, we believe the token is the next big thing in DeFi.

DTX Exchange’s features attract all types of investors to its platform, increasing activity and value. DTX offers cryptographic security and individualized portfolio management with non-custodial wallets. Further, it facilitates higher profits for traders by minimizing transaction fees, enabling on-chain asset analysis for objective trading decisions and higher profits. 

Moreover, DTX Exchange offers a native DeFi ERC-20 token, DTX. Token holders use it for gas, voting for governance proposals, staking for interest, accessing premium features and products, receiving loyalty rewards, and investing in tokenized assets. 


Notcoin Regains Bullish Momentum As Market Recovery Continues

Notcoin launched in May to significant hype. As a play-to-earn coin, NOT attracted new crypto investors to the market. After getting listed on Binance weeks after launch, it saw its popularity and price surge before reaching a resistance and dropping substantially. 

However, with the market on the verge of a crypto bull run, Notcoin has regained its bullish momentum. A price jump from $0.06 to $0.2 between May and June encourages investors that it is a good investment. 

NOT technical analysis shows its RSI in the overbought zone, implying a likely downturn as investors take profits. Notcoin price prediction may reach $1 by the end of the year, gaining less than DTX.

Solana Registers Explosive Surges In Price And Popularity

Solana has seen its price and popularity soar for most of the year. SOL crypto price has increased 65% YTD and jumped 19% from $140 to $167 from May to June.

Solana’s price growth is attributable to the rising demand and prices of Solana meme coins, with most of the top 10 meme coins being Solana-based. The rising activity in the Solana ecosystem has increased its demand and price. Furthermore, SOL holders remain optimistic its price will continue rising, leading to high demand. 

SOL technical analysis indicates a bullish market sentiment, with RSI standing at neutral. With Solana bulls back in the market, experts predict a price rise to $400 by the end of the year. 

DTX Set to Reach The Top of the DeFi Market

Besides its contemporary features, DTX is bound to be at the top of the DeFi market due to its profit potential. With possible coin earnings of up to 500% during the public presale, DTX may outdo all DeFi tokens in the market. 

Additionally, DTX Exchange has attracted massive investor demand, which can boost its valuation and surpass even the most valuable DeFi token. So far, DTX is in Stage 2 of its public presale and has raised nearly $700,000 in just two days at a valuation of $0.04. We strongly believe it is an ideal crypto to buy because of its estimated 200% profit for presale investors once it launches on major exchanges. 

We are convinced that DTX will dominate the DeFi market against Notcoin and Solana, as they are unlikely to match its profit potential. 

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