$WIF, $PEPE and $FLOKI Score Triple-Digit Gains for the Week Despite Market Pull-Back; $GFOX Presale Aiming for 100X


Excitement remains high from $WIF, $PEPE, and $FLOKI investors, despite the recent market pull-back that saw memes tank by over 20% in a day. Early buyers still enjoyed explosive returns on their investments, with weekly charts closing on triple-digit gains. Yet the real hype has centered on a new, innovative token called $GFOX which has been performing impressively since the start of its presales. The $GFOX token is poised to outperform most other altcoins by the time it launches on exchange platforms. Let’s take a look at why.

$WIF Sees 700% Increase On Binance Listing 

On March 5, Binance listed Dogwifhat ($WIF) on its trading platform. However, due to its high volatility, the exchange attached a Seed Tag to warn investors to trade it with caution.

Before the listing, $WIF had already gained massively by soaring above 680% between February 7 and March 4, when its price moved from $0.17 to $1.33. When it was launched on Binance, $WIF rallied further by approximately 4.5% within 24 hours.

Whales Cashes Out $5.66 Million as $PEPE Embark on a Mega Rally

On January 16, 2024, SpotOnChain, a platform that tracks cryptocurrency transactions, tracked a huge purchase of $PEPE tokens worth about $1.19 million. Seven weeks later, the $PEPE tokens were sold at a whopping $6.847 million, representing a whopping $5.66 million profit, which is about 475% ROI.

$PEPE has been rallying for over a month, increasing in value by over 1000%, as it climbed from $0.0000008887 to $0.00000858. Although $PEPE currently trades around $0.00000780, experts are still optimistic that it will soon continue its uptrend as it is currently consolidating for another bullish impulse.

$FLOKI Soars 300% in a Week, Experts Predict Further Gains

$FLOKI is also one of the memecoins trending up lately. Its price went up by 300% in a week and approximately 430% within a month. This rally has brought about a strong sense of optimism among experts and investors, and as a result, they expect it to soar higher from its current price of $0.0001171 to $0.000127 in a few weeks.

One of the factors driving the price of $FLOKI upwards is the decision of the cryptocurrency to permanently remove over 190 billion $FLOKI tokens from circulation through a burning mechanism. Reducing such a significant amount of $FLOKI tokens from circulation will make it scarce, thereby increasing its value.

Galaxy Fox Primed to Outperform Meme Coin Trio as Experts Predict Its Massive Growth 

While finding a coin that can skyrocket in value by 100 folds can be very unlikely, sentiments of such happening to Galaxy Fox, a full-utility meme coin, still exist among investors. This is why experts firmly believe the coin will outperform top memetokens  like $WIF, $FLOKI, and $PEPE despite their groundbreaking price gains in recent weeks.  

Galaxy Fox offers an exciting web3-based game that rewards top participants with in-game currencies, exchangeable for $GFOX tokens at the end of each season. The game also allows players to purchase in-game items, and 50% of the funds obtained from those purchases are part of the top participants’ rewards.

Galaxy Fox also has a central reward-distributing hub called Galaxy Fox Stargate. Investors can access a share of these rewards by staking their $GFOX tokens. Apart from incentivizing investors through their staking activity, the hub also provides funds to replenish the ecosystem.  

$GFOX is currently selling for $0.002178 at its presale stage 8 and it is set to increase further by approximately 10% by the time it progresses to stage 9 in the next few days. Interestingly, when the token fully launches, an intriguing feature called ‘token burn’ is expected to be implemented which will make the value of $GFOX soar by reducing its circulating supply as demand increases.


Due to their recent incredible gains, investing in tokens like $WIF, $PEPE, and $FLOKI is arguably a great decision – albeit a highly risky one. Yet because $GFOX is still in presale, several crypto analysts are of the opinion that the token has more potential to rise in value faster and greater than other memetokens.

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Learn more about $GFOX here:

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