$WIF Tanks Over 50% In Last Month – But One New Memecoin Is Bucking the Bearish Trend


Bitcoin ($BTC) has lost support at $60,000 as the market experiences a white-knuckle nosedive. The near-term outlook is bleak, and the top ten cryptocurrencies have all flipped bearish as gains evaporate into the ether (pun intended). dogwifhat ($WIF), the leading Solana-native memecoin that once seemed unstoppable, has taken a massive hit, down over 50% in the last month. Investors are rotating, and one new memecoin, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), has exceptional potential.

What crypto to buy now as markets teeter on a liquidation cascade? Small caps. Large caps have started to trade in line with traditional equities following the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, but the on-chain mania has not even started. While $BTC tanks $GFOX prepares for its next climb and may even overtake $WIF later this year.

dogwifhat ($WIF) Down 50% In Last Month 

dogwifhat led the Solana ($SOL) memecoin frenzy. But its size and popularity is a blessing and a curse. $WIF trades like any major crypto, and its $2 billion market cap is full of plenty of holders willing to dump at the first sign of trouble. Trouble among majors has spilled out into $WIF price action, and despite being one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy earlier this year, a 50% drawdown in a month signals further downside for all dogwifhat holders. 

When market conditions worsen and macro fears grow, investors rotate away from risk and into value. This cycle has been an oddity with the massive prevalence of memecoins, and this amalgamation has provided the perfect conditions for Galaxy Fox to soar. While $WIF is likely to continue its bearish trend, smart money is already rotating.   

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) P2E Game Launching 11th May 

Galaxy Fox has been a massive net winner during this drawdown. With investors still wanting to hold risk and have exposure to value, $GFOX has become the default answer to what crypto to buy now. Galaxy Fox’s hybrid architecture includes risk from its memecoin base and value from its tokenomics model and play-to-earn game integration. While majors bleed $GFOX holders are taking advantage of boosted staking pools offering up to 60% APY currently.

Post-launch, all economic mechanisms have kicked into action, including the token burn, which reduces supply, making $GFOX a deflationary asset. Staking rewards allow anyone holding $GFOX to earn passive income, and for 30 days post-launch, users have access to unique boosted pools.

Now, all eyes are on May 11th, when $GFOX’s play-to-earn game will officially go live. The team teased a trailer on X, and the $GFOX community is hyped. It is a space-themed twist on an infinite runner where players select their character, fly through space, dodge obstacles, kill enemies, and earn stars. Players holding the most stars at the end of the season earn cash prizes, and with a raft of NFTs to power up in-game characters, analysts expect an explosion of ecosystem participation. 

Closing Thoughts: New Tokens Outperforming Market Leaders 

What crypto to buy now in this bloodbath? $GFOX is thriving, while $WIF is down 50% in the last month. Markets have shown their hand, and the answer is clear. The memecoin supercycle is not even close to over, and now is the time to start betting on new tokens that will go on to outperform market leaders in the coming months.

As the entire Galaxy Fox community gears up for the launch of its P2E game on May 11th, there has never been a better time to join this galactic journey. Test your skills flying through space and become a $GFOX holder today!

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community


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