With Cronos Experiencing a Slight Dip, Crypto Enthusiasts Rally Behind Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale Success


Highs and lows are common with the crypto market, but one mistake you do not want to make is to fade a solid project. There are many projects in their development phases and still in their early days; however, only a few can measure up to the success of Pushd in its presale stages.

Pushd has been one of the most profitable discoveries of the year so far, and analysts believe the best is yet to come. The new decentralized platform is set to give big names like Amazon and eBay a run for their money as it plans to establish itself as the go-to platform for e-commerce.

With Cronos experiencing market downtime, crypto enthusiasts have set their sights on Pushd as the project continues to attract large numbers of investors.

Cronos is hoping for a change of fortune soon

Cronos made the headlines recently when it announced the successful completion of its Titan upgrade. Expectations were high following this upgrade, but the recent market activities dampened these high hopes. With the Titan upgrade, the Cronos network sees significant performance improvements and increased efficiency.

Despite this, Cronos has seen a slight dip in its price, and investors are beginning to seek other options to make a profit. Analysts believe a change of fortune is on the horizon, but no one knows for sure how long it will take.

The presale success of Pushd has been attracting investors, and Cronos holders are considering getting into the project.

The new Pushd platform comes with a unique trading experience.

Pushd is emerging as a leader in the e-commerce sector with plans to rival existing traditional platforms like eBay and Amazon. Pushd’s clever incorporation of blockchain technology gives way to the world’s first decentralized marketplace. As Pushd edges towards its public launch on the market, more investors are rushing to grab a piece of the token while in its last presale stage.

The new decentralized e-commerce platform is a first-of-its-kind innovation in the industry. Pushd has a first-mover advantage in the market that it plans to leverage for massive profits. The e-commerce industry is expected to grow past $6 trillion in market value by the end of 2024. With Pushd pioneering the expansion of this industry into the Web3 space, it has the unique advantage of being one of the best gainers of this growing market.

The platform is expected to delight traders. It employs features that make it stand out and leave traders with a smile. With Pushd, traders do not fear the cost of the transaction nor the time it will take to withdraw their funds. The platform charges the lowest fees in the industry and offers an instant deposit and withdrawal feature. 

With its debit card, traders can shop from merchants globally and pay directly from their Pushd wallet. All these and more are available on the platform, and users do not need to go through the stress of any KYC process before they begin enjoying the Pushd trading experience.

Stage 6 of Pushd’s presale is ongoing, with a token selling for only $0.144. 

There is more on the presale of Pushd on its website here.

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