Aave Strikes Gold: $2.26 Billion Surge Linked to Ethereum ETF Approval Buzz


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Aave’s TVL recently skyrocketed and is one of the few cryptos valiantly battling the bearish mood in the crypto market. 

For those with huge expectations from the Ethereum ETF approval, staying in the green is crucial, which is why all eyes are now on WW3 Shiba, a perfectly timed newcomer ready to reap the benefits of institutional capital pouring into DeFi projects.

Read on to discover why analysts expected a 580% price increase for WW3 Shiba, currently priced at a steal – only $0.001!

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Is the approval of Ethereum ETFs imminent in July?

At the Bloomberg Investment Summit, SEC Chair Gary Gensler showed optimism regarding the approval process for spot Ethereum ETFs, though he did not specify a timeline. Gensler emphasized the focus on asset managers, and he noted that the process is proceeding smoothly, despite the lack of a definitive schedule.

Earlier, Gensler hinted that spot Ethereum ETFs might launch in the summer. Last month, the SEC approved the 19b-4 forms, facilitating the introduction of this investment class. 

Currently, the SEC and issuers are working on S-1 filings, which must be approved before these products can start trading. Some analysts predict that spot Ethereum ETFs will be available by July 2.

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Aave strikes gold on Ethereum ETF approval buzz.

Aave is defying the current cryptocurrency downturn, surging over 3.5% this week. This hot streak coincides with a massive $2.26 billion increase in the platform’s Total Value Locked (TVL). This upswing is likely fueled by speculation of the US SEC approving spot Ethereum ETFs.

Industry optimism is on the rise, spilling over into the DeFi space. Aave isn’t alone in its gains; Uniswap and other DeFi platforms are also experiencing growth.

This trend suggests a broader market shift. As regulations become more favorable, the crypto market could be poised for a significant boom, potentially thanks to an influx of institutional investment.

For DeFi enthusiasts, the future is looking bright!

A new era is here: WW3 Shiba plans to stop the Armageddon.

While Aave basks in the glow of an ETF-fueled surge, a new contender is poised to take the crypto market by storm: WW3 Shiba.

While other meme coins are locked in a dog-eat-dog competition, WW3 Shiba is on a mission to unite the world against a far greater foe: World War 3.

WW3 Shiba is building a groundbreaking Play-to-Earn game where players become fearless champions battling the forces of Kim Dog Un and Elon Husk. But it gets epic – you can rise through the ranks and become the ultimate champion for your country. Earn massive in-game rewards and a one-of-a-kind NFT representing your nation’s valiant canine warrior. 

WW3 Shiba isn’t just about saving the world from memes; it’s about saving real dogs too. The project will donate 2% of all funds to world-leading charities that support dogs of war and those injured in conflict.

The WW3S token, built on the secure Ethereum network, is your key to the game. By actively supporting WW3 Shiba and his courageous companions, you’ll unlock even greater rewards. We’re talking more tokens, real cash prizes, and exclusive loot.

With a predicted 580% price increase during the presale, WW3 Shiba is poised to be the hottest P2E meme coin of 2024.


Aave is riding the Ethereum ETF buzz, but WW3 Shiba is becoming a champion for peace and gains. With a 580% expected rise during the presale, WW3 Shiba is truly becoming a movement with a huge following. 

If you would like to find out more information about the presale,

Website: ww3shiba.com

Twitter: https://x.com/WW3SHIBA

Telegram: https://t.me/WW3SHIBA


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