Avalanche (AVAX) & Ripple (XRP) holders are investing early into Kelexo (KLXO) presale as the innovative lending platform turns heads

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The crypto market has seen Avalanche (AVAX) and Ripple (XRP) investors turning their attention to Kelexo (KLXO), an upcoming innovative Web3 lending platform. Avalanche (AVAX) is preparing to unlock 9.5 million Avalanche (AVAX) tokens valued at $340.7 million on February 22. Ripple (XRP) is reeling from a hack in which the fintech’s founder, Chris Larsen, had his wallet hacked for $112 million in Ripple (XRP) tokens.

Are Avalanche (AVAX) and Ripple (XRP) holders justified in flocking to the Kelexo (KLXO) presale? 

Avalanche (AVAX) to Unlock Tokens Worth $340 Million

Avalanche (AVAX) traders are treading cautiously as they gear up for the unlocking of 9.5 million Avalanche (AVAX) tokens with a market value of $340 million. Such a gigantic token release could have a short-term impact on the price of Avalanche (AVAX).

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Avalanche (AVAX), a top 10 cryptocurrency, has experienced tremendous growth over the past few months. Its price rose from $9.07 on October $20 to $35.86 on February 4, signaling a 295% spike for Avalanche (AVAX).

Analysts believe that Avalanche (AVAX) could lose a portion of its value in the coming weeks. This could result in Avalanche’s (AVAX) investors rotating some of their profits into Kelexo (KLXO) and re-entering their long positions when the token price reaches a new bottom. 

Ripple (XRP) Co-founder Loses $112 Million in a Hack 

To some extent, the crypto industry resembles a wild west where hacks, scams and thefts are the order of the day. Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple (XRP), suffered a personal attack on January 31 when his wallet was drained of Ripple (XRP) tokens worth $112 million, in what is the biggest crypto hack in 2024.

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Binance has managed to freeze about $4.2 million worth of Ripple (XRP) tokens stolen from the hack. Despite the hack, Ripple (XRP) is up 3.63% after its price rose from $0.4955 on January 31 to $0.5135 on February 4.

Experts claim that Ripple (XRP) will likely experience a muted price action in the short term, making it easy for investors to allocate their money elsewhere.

Kelexo (KLXO) is Appealing to All Investors

Investors are running to Kelexo (KLXO) in droves due to its value proposition and potential future returns. Kelexo (KLXO) will be an innovative Web3 lending platform that connects loan lenders and borrowers.

One of its major selling points is that it does not require KYC, a major red tape that traditional financial institutions have used to disenfranchise the people who need such services. Kelexo (KLXO) wants a bigger piece of the market pie which is projected to grow from $143.5 billion in 2023 to $190.22 in 2024.

With a low price of only $0.022 in Stage 1, Kelexo (KLXO) is attracting short-term and long-term investors who want to see their money stretch further. On the other hand, analysts boldly predict that Kelexo (KLXO) is a promising investment with the potential to become a blue-chip crypto.

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