$AVAX Pumps Double-Digits as $GFOX Celebrates $3 Million Target

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Investors are excited as the undying effort of the Avalanche ecosystem is now paying off, as the price of $AVAX is now established at two figures. And some are even more excited at the new coin, $GFOX, which just surpassed the $3 million mark at presale. Due to this impressive performance, many investors and crypto analysts are of the opinion that $GFOX is one of the best meme tokens to buy this year.

$AVAX Cements its 2-Digit Milestone with Significant Chain Developments

In September and most of October 2023, $AVAX traded below $10 due to the overall market pull-back, which affected most coins then. However, $AVAX embarked on a positive rally, leading to a price rise to $49 on December 25th. Despite $AVAX dropping afterward to $27 on January 23rd due to the negative influence of the Bitcoin ETF case on altcoins, it bounced back, with a sharp pump of almost 30% to trade at the most recent price of $35. 

Analysts attributed $AVAX’s recent gains in price to several developments within its ecosystems. A notable achievement includes unveiling 116 new validators who joined the $AVAX network recently and are required to stake a minimum of 2000 $AVAX tokens. Each validator risking this number of tokens means $AVAX, worth approximately $5.7 million, was locked up. Such an amount of locked $AVAX tokens will boost network activity, increase security, and decentralize the Avalanche ecosystem.

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Analysts also attributed this rise to the growing adoption of Avalanche’s subnet as displayed by DEXALOT, a hybrid DeFi protocol serving on Avalanche chain, and DFK, a crypto belonging to a specific crypto sub-sector known as GameFi. An increase in the use of Avalanche’ subnets attracts more investors, leading to increased trading volume within the network and a potential price rise.  

Experts see serious commitment of the Avalanche ecosystem towards enhancing its network and improving its token’s worth. For this reason, they predict  $AVAX to continue its uptrend and potentially trade at over $40 in months to come.

Investors Gains Confidence in $GFOX  as it Breaks Past $3 Million in Presale

On an inspiring note, Galaxy Fox has reached a milestone with $3 million raised in its presale. This achievement speaks a lot about how confident investors are in the memecoin in defying all odds to become one of the best best cryptocurrencies to invest in. The $GFOX presale is currently in Stage 7, but it will transit to Stage 8 very soon, making the token price trade at $0.002178.

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Galaxy Fox is a crypto built on the Ethereum blockchain and an essential player in the web3 landscape. Its token – $GFOX, can be used in various ways, even beyond its ecosystem, making it an outstanding altcoin in the industry.

One of the many exciting opportunities Galaxy Fox provides for its investors includes a play-to-earn game, which allows users to profit while simply having fun. The platform also supports Staking, another means to earn within the ecosystem. Moreover, the platform plans to allow the use of its token, $GFOX, to buy and sell NFTs on the Galaxy Fox NFT marketplace when it launches.

Regarding NFTs, Galaxy Fox aims to dominate the blockchain sector with the 3000 exciting NFTs, which can be utilized in the platform’s Web3 game, minted, and traded for real money on other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Ensuring it has all of the rewards that are to be given to very loyal Galaxy Fox investors, the platform runs a pool of funds called Galaxy Fox Stargate. This pool generates its funds for distribution from 2% of all transactions performed within the ecosystem. From this pool, all loyal users are rewarded as an incentive for holding their $GFOX token long-term.


The relentless effort of  Avalanche to stay on the list of top crypto coins is what many investors have been looking for in a cryptocurrency. We can also say the same for Galaxy Fox, which proved itself among the most trusted meme coins by raising $3 million in its ongoing presale. This increase in investors’ confidence in $GFOX shows its potential to reward investors with remarkable gains this year and beyond.

As $GFOX is trusted to generate great returns this year, don’t hesitate to take part of it. Visit the website to buy $GFOX and also join the Galaxy Fox telegram community for more updates. 

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