Big Shiba Inu Token Transfer Causes Market Stir ; Chainlink AI Competitor Sparks Market Attention


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The Shiba Inu (SHIB) community was in for a surprise after around 1 trillion tokens were transferred from a wallet to DeFi exchange 

The tokens were valued at an estimated $28,814,000. The transfer, which indicated how impressed whales are with Shiba Inu, shifted the crypto community’s focus away from regulatory challenges for ETFs

Another altcoin that has caused quite a stir in the crypto market is InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-powered project helps crypto users invest in startups’ AI-led projects and own a share in the enterprise’s equity. 

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With USPs like fractional investment, a deflationary asset, and staking rewards, it wasn’t long before InQubeta emerged as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. It has also been garnering a lot of attention because of its ICO gains, which crossed $12.2 million recently.

InQubeta: Encouraging AI ideas for tomorrow

With its token reaching the top of analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists, InQubeta is becoming a household name. 

The crypto project is empowering crypto users by providing them with a fuss-free model for startup investments. These investments are conducted in terms of its native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. 

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Token holders can stake the asset and earn passive income for as long as they want. These rewards are dispersed from an exclusive pool that’s maintained by on-chain tax collections. The longer the staking period, the higher would be the passive income. These staked tokens will be locked in a liquidity pool and they contribute towards blockchain development and network security. 

As the QUBE token is powered by a deflationary mechanism, its holders don’t have to be concerned about what cryptos to buy now. The model regulates the token supply whenever the market is facing inflation or high volatility. A low supply will push up the asset’s value and reduce price fluctuations.  If there’s any risk of a supply increase, the token burn feature is activated to burn the unwanted tokens.

To help the platform reach new heights, the InQubeta team has chalked out a roadmap that includes a bunch of new initiatives. 

The QUBE token community can look forward to seeing the tokens listed on a centralized exchange in the coming months. There are plans to roll out a new staking dApp so that more crypto users can benefit from InQubeta’s staking service.

Micro3 starts leveraging Chainlink Price Feeds 

Chainlink is a Web 3.0 platform built using an Oracle network. It helps in sourcing data from off-chain sources for smart contract operations. Its native token LINK is used for all transactions which are always validated with the proof-of-stake consensus.

It was recently in the news after mint-to-earn platform Micro3 announced that it would be integrating Chainlink price feeds to ensure transparent NFT pricing. Following the integration, Micro3 is ensuring that its users get seamless and quality data about NFT rates that are sourced from reputed sources. 

Robinood’s wallet for Android users to support Shiba Inu

Shiba is a leading dog-themed meme coin that has over the years evolved into a DeFi ecosystem. Its key features include a decentralized governance structure, a crypto exchange, and a Layer 2 blockchain called Shibarium. 

Its native token, SHIB, has recently seen an uptick in whale activity. In March, an unidentified wallet transferred 1 trillion SHIB tokens to a crypto exchange. The move took the market by surprise and took the attention off the legal aspects of BTC ETFs

In a recent development, US-based crypto exchange Robinhood announced that the Android version of its Web 3.0 wallet would support SHIB tokens. 


Shiba Inu, InQubeta, and Chainlink are being rated as altcoins to watch out for this year as they have been consistently growing. 

The three tokens cater to myriad user-profiles and people with different risk appetites. Due to their growth-oriented models, these tokens have empowered their users and driven global impact. Analysts monitoring their growth say that the recent achievement of these crypto projects has contributed significantly to their popularity. 

Chainlink has risen considerably following its integration with Micro3. Robinhood’s new Web 3.0 wallet supporting the SHIB token also brought some cheer to the Shiba Inu community. 

In InQubeta’s case, the crypto community appears to be smitten by its AI-focused model. The emerging crypto has opened up new opportunities for crypto users with a transparent framework.

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