Binance Helped Taiwanese Authorities In Exposing $6.2M Crypto Scam


Binance’s Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) Department has teamed up with Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau and the Taipei District Prosecutors Office to address a significant case of money laundering. 

Getting In the Game

With the aid of Binance, Lo Wei-yuan, a prosecutor in Taiwan meticulously uncovered and assembled the evidence of the suspicions surrounding nine individuals. 

 As a result, the culprits were indicted and faced charges for multiple financial offenses, including money laundering, fraud, and organized crimes. Through collaborative efforts, these agencies successfully resolved a digital asset fraud case worth 200 million New Taiwan dollars ($6.2 million).

Binance made an announcement in a recent X post about its collaboration with the Taiwan Prosecutors. In a statement to Cointelegraph, Binance refrained from providing specific details about the case but acknowledged that the operation had been covered by the media.

To evade detection by law enforcement, the criminal operation involved the production of counterfeit documents, including forged identity verification data and fictitious customer conversation records. 

These fraudulent documents were used to falsely indicate that individual merchants had transferred funds amounting to the seized funds

Binance: Fighting crypto crimes with partnership 

Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange collaborates with law enforcement agencies globally and offers a pioneering virtual law enforcement training program for officers in Taiwan to help detect financial and cybercrime.

After the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and the Money Laundering Control Act became the first regulator for crypto in Taiwan, Binance applied for registration with the agency in 2023. The exchange’s collaborative efforts in lending support to investigations into digital asset fraud and assisting the United States in compensating fraud victims have been recognized by local regulatory bodies. 

Binance’s strong commitment to combat fraud and illicit activities in the Web 3 World led to the partnership with security experts to develop a strong antidote to safeguard the crypto infrastructure from poisoning scams. 

Binance: thriving against all odds

The largest crypto exchange has faced one too many challenges, including regulatory pressures, complaints of scams on its platform, the arrest of one of its executives, and allegations of fraud against the exchange itself. 

Despite these challenges, Binance and its ventures have managed to overcome significant obstacles and continue to make impressive strides in the crypto industry. In a recent post, Binance Labs, the venture capital of Binance, takes the lead as the firm with the largest number of Launchpool projects among top investment firms. 

Also, Taiwan has featured in the growing crypto world. In 2022, it put a ban on purchasing digital assets with credit and debit cards. Now, it has plans to introduce cryptocurrency regulations by the end of 2024 to tackle illegal activities.

The Ministry of Justice has proposed amendments to strengthen Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and impose fines and jail terms for non-compliant firms.

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