Bloomberg Analyst Sees 70% Victory Odds For Coinbase Over SEC

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Bloomberg litigation analyst Elliott Stein is very confident about Coinbase Inc’s chances of victory in its lawsuit against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Precisely, he predicted a 70% chance of Coinbase walking out of the courtroom with a victory when it is eventually time. Notably, the American cryptocurrency exchange had earlier requested a dismissal of the lawsuit.

Push for Lawsuit Full Dismissal 

He came up with this optimistic view way before attending the recent court hearing, per his latest post on X. 

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Stein acknowledged that even before stepping into the court, he was very positive that the trading platform would disagree with the SEC on certain subjects but not the allegations on staking rewards programs and general operational structures.

However, after attending the court hearing where Judge Katherine Polk Failla posed a thought-provoking question at the securities regulator regarding its unclear description of certain crypto terms that ended up implicating a few exchanges, Stein’s confidence in Coinbase was boosted further. He became sure that the exchange might win a full dismissal.

Coinbase Charged For Securities Law Violations by SEC 

In its June enforcement action against Coinbase, the SEC charged the crypto firm for operating as an unregistered broker and exchange operator, thereby violating regulatory requirements. The SEC accused Coinbase of selling investment contracts by staking customer assets, earning rewards on their behalf, and returning them.

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Several tokens like SOL, ADA, MATIC, MANA, COTL, AXS, SAND, and many more were listed in the lawsuits. The exchange vehemently denied the allegations, citing that the process of securing a license is not easy for crypto enterprises. 

Presentation of Detailed Explanation 

On one hand, Stein believes that the exchange provided a more detailed explanation of investment contracts compared to what the regulator presented and this was a turning point for Coinbase in the lawsuit.

“My view the one offered by Coinbase is more compelling, requiring investment in a business vs. just an ecosystem, along with an enforceable obligation,” he stated.

Furthermore, he talked about how Ripple’s victory in its lawsuit with the SEC provided a trajectory for Coinbase. Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP is not securities and this verdict had a ripple effect. “As the Ripple ruling in July suggested, sales of digital assets on public exchanges don’t fit neatly into the Howey test for what constitutes an investment contract,” Stein added.

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