BRICS Crypto Launch Looms: Robert Kiyosaki Backs Bitcoin


Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has urged his followers to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). He cited this as a safeguard against potential risks associated with the likely launch of BRICS Crypto, an asset that might be backed by gold.

Guarding Against US Dollar Crash

Robert has consistently made this recommendation in the past, this time, he believes that the digital coin can serve as a protective measure against the potential fallout from a US Dollar crash.

In light of the recent concerns about the global economy’s stability, the renowned financial educator strongly recommends that investors consider exploring safe havens as a way to safeguard their assets. 

Recently, he posted on X that assets such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin can serve as stabilizing forces during turbulent times as he likened them to “parachutes.” He believes that by giving priority to Bitcoin as an asset, investors can mitigate the impact of economic downturns and ensure a secure financial future for themselves.

BRICS Crypto and Bitcoin to Gain the Upper Hand

The business tycoon’s recent visit to South Africa, a founding member of the BRICS alliance, has caused him to have projections about the birth of BRICS crypto.

So the BRICS alliance members control a significant supply of USD used for international oil trade. He speculated that it is possible that the BRICS Crypto could be backed by Gold, though the exact details are still unknown.

If this happens, it will cause a chain reaction to the USD. If trillions of USD go back to the US, it will cause hyperinflation which automatically means the fiat currency will be less valuable. This will significantly impact people’s purchasing power.

To prevent the potential impact of a big economic crisis, Kiyosaki has once again recommended investing in assets like Bitcoin. Though assets like Gold and Silver have been proven reliable, Bitcoin’s deflationary nature and increasing acceptance worldwide make it stand out.

The famous financial educator is once again making headlines with his bullish outlook on Bitcoin. Recently, he expressed his belief that the cryptocurrency price could surge to $150,000 soon. He strongly believes in Bitcoin and consistently invests in the cryptocurrency.

Expanding Horizons with digital assets 

In 2021, Kiyosaki predicted a major market crash that would not only impact Bitcoin, and gold but also stocks. He saw it as a unique opportunity for investors to seize.

He often emphasizes the importance of buying at least a fraction of Bitcoin as a way to protect against potential economic troubles like the potentially fatal BRICS crypto fallout.

Nowadays, there are various ways to get involved with Bitcoin. Apart from purchasing BTC from different crypto trading platforms, the US now offers spot Bitcoin ETF products that trade on regulated exchanges.

Ever since receiving approval from the US SEC in January, BlackRock, Fidelity Investments, Grayscale, and other companies have seen significant inflows of investment.

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