Crypto Stealing AI Bot Discovered on GitHub


On April 20, a pseudonymous security researcher, dm557, raised an alarm about a nefarious project on GitHub, highlighting the presence of an AI bot designed to steal crypto assets.

How This AI Bot Steals Crypto

dm557 discovered a “” file within the ai bot, containing an encrypted binary script designed to decrypt data and transmit private keys. Private keys are crucial in cryptocurrency transactions, acting as digital signatures. If these keys fall into the wrong hands, it can result in significant financial losses.

Evilcos, the pseudonymous founder of SlowMist, a well-known blockchain security firm, confirmed dm557’s findings and explained the bot’s operation. He noted the presence of a backdoor code within the bot, allowing it to steal users’ private keys.

Evilcos warned the crypto community to be cautious when encountering complex code, as it could hide malicious intent. He emphasized that in the open-source world of cryptocurrency, code should be readable and understandable. Complex or “garbled” code could indicate something fishy.

Current Status and Risks

As of press time, the project’s developer has removed the backdoor code. However, experts have cautioned against downloading the AI bot, suggesting that the removal of the malicious code might be a ploy to deceive unsuspecting users into downloading it.

Crypto developer Greysign advised staying away from repositories with a history of malicious activity. Despite the apparent removal of the backdoor, there’s a risk that it could be reinstated once more users download the bot.

Remarkably, the project’s author blocked attempts to flag it as risky, indicating an attempt to conceal its true nature.

Implications and Context

In the cryptocurrency market’s volatile and complex environment, AI bots have become essential tools for traders. The rapid fluctuations in prices pose challenges for manual trading strategies. Consequently, traders are increasingly turning to AI-powered bots for their ability to quickly analyze market data and execute trades.

However, the discovery of this malicious AI bot serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved in relying on such tools. Traders and users must exercise caution when downloading and using software, especially from unverified sources.

The incident also underscores the importance of vigilance within the cryptocurrency community. With the rise of innovative technologies, security measures must continuously evolve to combat new threats and protect users’ assets.

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