Donald Trump Makes U-Turn on Bitcoin as Crypto’s Popularity Rise


Republican Party GOP frontline candidate for November’s United States Presidential election and Former President, Donald Trump appears to have reversed his stance on Bitcoin which marks a departure from his previous criticisms of cryptocurrencies.

In a recent town hall on Fox News, Trump hinted at a more receptive attitude towards Bitcoin, acknowledging its growing popularity among the younger generation and the broader public.

Trump’s Initial Criticisms of Bitcoin

Trump’s previous comments have ranged from skepticism to outright condemnation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies including a ban on Petro. In 2019, he expressed disdain for Bitcoin, dismissing it as “not money” and criticizing its volatility and speculative nature.

Similarly, in June 2021, Trump labeled Bitcoin as a “scam” and voiced his preference for the U.S. dollar as the global currency.

Donald Trump Acknowledges Bitcoin’s Popularity

However, his recent remarks on Fox News suggest a shift in perspective. Trump seems to have evolved in his views as he acknowledged the increasing adoption of Bitcoin. He noted that “many people are embracing it” and recognizing its decentralized nature. While he reiterated the need for regulation, Trump indicated a willingness to coexist with Bitcoin as a form of currency.

Some observers attribute Trump’s evolving views on Bitcoin to the influence of pro-crypto figures like Vivek Ramaswamy, a former Republican candidate and advocate for the crypto industry. Ramaswamy, who has supported Trump and opposed central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), may have played a role in shaping Trump’s current stance on Bitcoin.

Trump’s Engagement with Crypto Assets

Interestingly, despite Trump’s past criticisms of Bitcoin, he has ventured into the crypto space himself, promoting nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and releasing his own NFT collection. Before this, Melania Trump, the former first lady of the United States, introduced her collection of NFTs titled “Cobalt Blue Eyes.”

This shift in behavior points to the dynamic nature of Trump’s relationship with cryptocurrencies, evolving from skepticism to engagement with blockchain-based assets. Overall, Trump’s changing views on Bitcoin reflect the broader shift in attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, with increasing recognition of their utility and potential as financial assets.

While Trump’s stance may continue to evolve, his acknowledgment of Bitcoin’s popularity signals a growing acceptance of digital currencies in mainstream discourse.

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