Donald Trump Takes a Pro-Crypto Stand, Slams Biden


Donald Trump recently declared support for cryptocurrencies, which has sent shockwaves through the political and crypto communities alike. 

At a rally held in Mar-a-Lago, Trump boldly positioned himself as the pro-crypto candidate, drawing a clear line between himself and President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Donald Trump and Support for Crypto

Trump’s newfound support for crypto marks a significant shift from his previous stance, when he criticized digital currencies as being “based on thin air.” 

Now, he’s not only embracing crypto but also actively promoting it, even going so far as to promise to accept crypto donations for his campaign.

Donald Trump and His Passionate Speech on Crypto

During the event, Donald Trump, flanked by fervent supporters and selling Trump Trading Card NFTs, delivered a passionate speech that centered on the future of cryptocurrency. 

While admitting he’s no expert in the field, he emphasized his enthusiasm for selling them, declaring himself the right person to champion the cause.

In contrast to Biden, who has expressed reservations about crypto-friendly changes, Donald Trump portrayed himself as a staunch advocate for the industry. He mocked Biden’s purported lack of understanding of crypto and criticized SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, suggesting they were obstacles to crypto’s growth.

Donald Trump Gathers Strong Support

Trump’s rallying cry found resonance among the crowd, composed of both VIPs and paying attendees. With 50 million crypto holders in the U.S., Donald Trump argued that his pro-crypto stance could translate into significant voter support.

The political undertones of the crypto debate were not lost on Trump, who painted the Democrats as adversaries of the industry. Just hours after some Democrats showed support for crypto by voting against SEC rules, Trump positioned himself as crypto’s only hope against perceived hostile policies.

Revival of NFTs

Central to the billionaire’s message was the revival of NFTs, which he claimed to have made “hot again” with his patriotic-themed collections. Despite contemplating the launch of another series, Donald Trump acknowledged the need to maintain the value of existing collections, prompting investors in the crowd to ponder their decisions.

Trump’s pro-crypto stance, coupled with his success in promoting NFTs, has injected a new level of excitement into the crypto community. While his claims and promises have sparked debate, his ability to rally support behind crypto at Mar-a-Lago underscores the growing intersection between politics and the cryptocurrency industry.

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