Immutable (IMX) Joins Forces with SuperVerse for Web 3 Gaming – Pullix (PLX) and Celestia (TIA) Record Impressive Gains Amid Market Downturn

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In exciting news, Immutable (IMX) and renowned gaming network, Superverse,  have collaborated to drive the best web3 games. This partnership not only solidifies their position as leading decentralized gaming projects but also generates enthusiasm among gaming enthusiasts and investors, resulting in a boost to the IMX token price.

In another development, Pullix, an upcoming hybrid exchange, has achieved impressive milestones during its ongoing token presale. With nearly $5 million raised and the 7th stage of the presale selling out quickly, Pullix has garnered the attention of investors. Additionally, the project has amassed a user base of over 15,000 individuals, showcasing growing interest and support. Meanwhile, another top crypto coin, Celestia has defied the current market conditions, maintaining a positive outlook and recording a notable monthly gain of over 40%.

Immutable (IMX) Joins Forces with SuperVerse

Immutable’s partnership with SuperVerse comes shortly after the launch of Immutable zkEVM mainnet early access. While specific details of the collaboration remain undisclosed, the aim is to foster unity and eliminate division between the two entities.

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Given the recent lineups of activities, Immutable community has recently witnessed increased investor interest, resulting in a positive outlook for the native IMX token. With a weekly price range of $1.91 to $2.17, the Immutable token has experienced a weekly increase of over 13.50%. 

However, there has been a 6% monthly decline, suggesting that the recent surge in IMX price may be influenced by recent developments. It is uncertain how long the positive outlook can be sustained. Nevertheless, considering Immutable’s yearly increase of over 150%, it is likely that the IMX price may continue to surge in both the short and long term.

Pullix (PLX) Token Presale Surges as Launch Day Approaches

With less than 30 days until its public launch, Pullix (PLX) has achieved significant milestones that are capturing attention in the DeFi space. This hybrid exchange initiative has already delivered a remarkable 150% return to early investors, fueling its growing popularity.  

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Notably, the native PLX token, initially offered at $0.04, has advanced through different stages and is currently priced at $0.10 in the 7th stage. The project’s dynamic pricing model ensures that the token price increases with each new stage, presenting a favorable entry point for potential investors as the presale is expected to advance through one more stage before the launch.

Beyond its potential for high return, Pullix stands out in various other aspects. By combining the best attributes of decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges coupled with a groundbreaking profit share model, it addresses key liquidity provision challenges while prioritizing security measures. 

Additionally, the platform facilitates trading in commodities, currencies, equities, and ETFs, ensuring enhanced security and privacy. Users can enjoy deep liquidity for all assets without going through any KYC processes, and new users receive a 10% signup bonus.

During the presale, over 80 million PLX tokens, worth more than $4.8 million, have been raised, attracting a user base of over 15,000. While the native token is strategically positioning itself among the best new crypto to invest in, it offers a 10% signup bonus to new users. 

Given its unique value proposition, analysts predict that Pullix will soar by 50% in February, and subsequently aim for 200% after the presale. Ultimately, Pullix’s unique initiative redefines how investors engage in the online trading market. Get ready for an exciting journey into what could potentially become the best crypto coin of the future! 

Celestia (TIA) Record Impressive Gains Amid Market Downturn 

Despite the market downturn, Celestia (TIA) has managed to defy the odds and maintain a positive trajectory. Over the past month, the token has experienced a remarkable 40% increase, with an additional 10% surge in the past week alone. This sustained bullish momentum sets Celestia apart from other cryptocurrencies, further solidifying its position among the top crypto coins.

As a Layer-1 blockchain, Celestia has seen a significant rise in activity since last year. The token price has skyrocketed by nearly 800%, starting from $2.2 in early November 2023 to its current trading range above $18. This remarkable growth positions Celestia as a major contender among the top cryptocurrencies.

If anything, TIA token has demonstrated strong short-term potential but also offers promising long-term investment prospects. While standout performers like Bitcoin and Solana struggle with stability, Celestia price has remained positive, making it an attractive option for investors.

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