Konami Partners With Avalanche for Resella NFT Platform to Enhance User Experience


Konami Digital Entertainment, a prominent division of Japan’s Konami Group, has announced that its innovative Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, Resella, will leverage the Avalanche blockchain to boost efficiency and reduce costs for users.

Enhancing Efficiency with Avalanche Subnet

As per the report, the collaboration will see Ava Labs’ AvaCloud Web3 launchpad service providing support to Resella which will operate on the Avalanche Subnet. The strategic partnership aims to deliver “unparalleled efficiency with zero gas costs for users and consistent processing speeds.” The move will position Resella as a leader in the competitive NFT space.

Konami, renowned for iconic game series like eFootballTM, Metal Gear, and Silent Hill, ventured into partnership with the Resella platform last year. The Resella platform is designed to meet the demands of both developers and users by enabling developers to “seamlessly design, issue, and trade NFTs within their applications.” Meanwhile, it also provides users with a robust marketplace experience.

Although Resella currently facilitates transactions in the Japanese yen, the new NFT platform will expand to cater to the needs of global audiences in a bid to broaden its operation following the partnership with Avalanche.

The Competitive Gaming Space

The use of games to engage users in the broader crypto ecosystem is gaining widespread acceptance as different gaming platforms such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Galaxy Fox, and others. These platforms are trying to outperform one another by generally offer staking rewards, merchandise stores and tokens.

As per Galaxy Fox, its web3 runner game allows players to earn $GFOX tokens by achieving high scores. The players can increase their gaming performance by purchasing Galaxy Fox NFTs which offer them advantages to increase strength, speed, and power in their game.

Innovative Social Experiences in Web3

Notably, in the Web3 ecosystem, Resella allows for new social experiences while enhancing users’ experiences. Konami emphasized that Resella has a vision to integrate diverse services to boost user engagement.

In practical terms, the NFTs created within gaming environments could be used as event tickets. It could also unlock exclusive in-game content on the platform, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

The overall objective in Konami’s collaboration with Avalanche focuses on creating a more efficient and user-friendly NFT marketplace.

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