Mark Cuban Reveals Gmail Hacked After Hoax Call


Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has revealed that he lost access to his Gmail account after falling prey to a trick call. As per his post on X, the hacker going by the name Noah called him claiming that there was an intruder on his mcuban@gmail[dot]com account.

The Mark Cuban Gmail Hack

This recent incident occurred just months after Cuban’s cryptocurrency wallet was drained of over $800,000. According to Cuban, Noah posed as an employee from Google trying to help him “secure” his Gmail account.

“I just got hacked at my because someone named Noah at your 650-203-0000 called and said I had an intruder and spoofed Google’s recovery methods,” Cuban posted.

Tech experts say this is a common trick used by hackers to deceive their victims into revealing personal information or account details that could be used to gain access.

 Notably, Cuban proceeded to caution his 8.8 million followers not to act on any email from the account as he was not responsible for its contents. “If anyone gets anything from after 3:30 pm pst it’s not me,” he stated.

One Hack Too Many?

Cuban’s Gmail hack comes just nine months after Cuban’s hot wallet was drained of approximately $870,000. In that incident, Cuban had stayed away from his MetaMask account for some months and the hackers were monitoring and waiting for him to log on. The hack was spotted by an independent blockchain investigator, Wazz, who noticed suspicious activity in one of Cuban’s wallets, which had not been used for about five months.

The billionaire investor is not the only one attacked by these mischievous characters. American rapper 50 Cent was recently targeted by a hacker who utilized his X account to promote a fraudulent cryptocurrency. The hacker raked in a massive $300 million haul in less than an hour before 50 Cent sounded the alarm.

Cuban’s Stance on Crypto Regulation

Despite these setbacks, Cuban remains a vocal advocate for cryptocurrency. He recently urged the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to regulate “all crypto” instead of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Cuban also called on members of Congress to provide clarity in regulation of the crypto industry ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

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