Metaplanet Collaborate with Prominent Investors to Embrace Bitcoin


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Metaplanet, a renowned entity listed on the prestigious Tokyo Stock Exchange, has recently made waves in the financial world by unveiling a pioneering shift in its fiscal approach. In a bold move, the company announced on X its decision to embrace Bitcoin (BTC) as its primary treasury asset, marking a significant milestone in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency within the corporate sphere.

Interestingly, this decision by Metaplanet has been made possible through the invaluable support and collaboration of prominent partners and investors, including Sora Ventures, UTXO Management, Morgan Creek Capital, and Jack Liu. However, the company has committed about JPY 1 billion for the project.

Metaplanet Recognizes the Potential Benefits of Embracing Bitcoin 

One of the most notable implications of Metaplanet’s strategic pivot is the access to Bitcoin exposure for its stakeholders. By aligning its treasury reserves with Bitcoin, the company enables anyone with an account to gain indirect exposure to the world’s leading cryptocurrency without incurring the regulatory risks typically associated with direct investment in digital assets.

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Additionally, this move underscores Metaplanet’s forward-thinking approach to financial management and reflects its growing recognition of the intrinsic value and potential of Bitcoin as a store of value and hedge against inflation. Moreover, Metaplanet’s embrace of Bitcoin is a testament to the broader trend of institutional adoption sweeping across the cryptocurrency landscape. 

With the current development, the Japanese will gain exposure to BTC without paying unrealized gains tax that could be as high as 55%. 

Mercari Embraces Bitcoin as Payment 

Earlier in the year, Japan’s e-commerce powerhouse, Mercari, announced its plans to accept BTC payments by June 2024. Melcoin, the company’s Tokyo-based blockchain subsidiary, will assist in hosting BTC payments. Melcoin’s objective is to simplify the process of transferring BTC to vendors in Japanese yen. In doing so, Melcoin acts as a mediator and levies transaction fees equivalent to those charged in fiat currency transactions.

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Meanwhile, Bitcoin payment acceptance holds several potential benefits for Mercari and its user base. It opens up new avenues for international transactions, eliminating cross-border payment barriers and providing users with a seamless and borderless shopping experience.

Japan Dives Deeper into Crypto and Web 3.0 

Recall that Chairman Koichi Hagiuda of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Policy Research Council previously underlined Japan’s leading position in adopting the emerging technology known as Web 3.0. He stressed the significance of providing early-stage support to startups involved in Web 3.0.

Also, to cultivate a more conducive atmosphere for the blockchain industry, the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA) urged the government to reconsider Japan’s cryptocurrency taxation system. They argued that the currency framework has hindered the advancement of Web 3.0 enterprises within the country.

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