Pantera Capital Expands Investment Strategy to AI


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Pantera Capital, a leading crypto-focused investment management firm, is set to invest $1 billion into artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, marking a significant shift in its investment strategy. According to Cosmo Jiang, portfolio manager of Pantera Capital, AI integration with blockchain technology is inevitable, and he believes that every crypto company will eventually transform into an AI venture.

Everyone Will Venture Into AI Soon, Cosmos Predicts

While interviewed by DL News, Cosmo predicted that in 10, 15, and 20 years, AI will be used by everyone. This move by Pantera Capital underscores the growing convergence between cryptocurrency and AI. Similarly, Cosmo Jiang emphasized that the AI and blockchain combination is also an approaching reality.

His vision is of a world where AI-powered algorithms and blockchain systems collaborate to streamline processes, improve security, and generate new efficiencies. This perspective mirrors a larger pattern in the technology field, where AI is becoming more crucial in different technological industry advancements.

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At the end of 2025, the crypto hedge fund is expected to have invested $200 million in AI-related crypto projects throughout the rest of this decade. By supporting AI initiatives, Pantera is positioning itself to benefit from the upcoming technological advancements that will shape the future of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Pantera Capital Invest in Toncoin (TON)

Beyond AI, Pantera Capital made its largest investment in the Layer-1 blockchain protocol, Toncoin (TON). Although the amount injected was undisclosed, Pantera Capital Managing Partner, Dan Moorhead maintained that the exceptional technological capabilities of Toncoin is the driving factor behind the investment.

Pantera’s involvement with Toncoin extends beyond financial investment. The firm is a key validator of the Toncoin network, contributing to its governance structure and helping shape its future. Interestingly, the role as an investor and validator emphasizes Pantera’s deep commitment to the success of the Toncoin project.

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Tether in the AI Industry

Slowly and steadily, USDT issuer Tether is gradually expanding its services across other industries including Artificial Intelligence. Previously, Tether unveiled a bold strategic expansion plan to intensify its focus on AI technology. Shortly after, Tether’s capital injection into the AI space was made to Blackrock Neurotech which specializes in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology. 

Approximately $200 million was invested in the company two months ago. During the 2024 Token2049 Dubai Conference, Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CEO hinted at the upcoming increase in AI-driven investments.

Meanwhile, in March, Saudi Arabia announced its plan to establish a $40 billion investment fund dedicated to AI initiatives. The fund, sourced from the Kingdom’s substantial $900 billion sovereign wealth fund, aims to fuel AI technology advancements and infrastructure.

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