Solana Developers Release Update to Address its Network Issues


Recently, Solana Developers announced the release of a mainnet beta update dubbed Version 1.17.31, to address the network’s recent congestion issues. Solana, one of the fastest blockchain platforms known for its high throughput and low transaction costs, has been dealing with congestion challenges, affecting its performance and usability. 

Solana to Ensure Smoother User Experience

According to the release, the main goals of the Mainnet Beta update include increasing network efficiency, optimizing performance, and providing a smoother user experience for developers and end-users. The update incorporates several changes that target critical areas of concern, such as memory usage, resource management, issues caused by spam transactions, and overall network throughput.

Notably, the beta update is recommended for general use by MainnetBeta Validators. Additionally, the update introduces measures to enhance network stability and resilience against potential attacks or traffic spikes. This enhancement enables faster and more reliable transaction confirmation times, contributing to a better overall user experience.

Solana Encounters Scalability Challenges

Analysts observed that although the blockchain has positioned itself as a global settlement network for cross-border payments and engaged in pilots with Visa and Shopify, it has yet to make significant inroads into mainstream consumer or business-to-business (B2B) payments.

The challenges identified include scalability requirements for Solana which necessitated a substantial increase in transactions per second to meet demand. Meanwhile, the congestion issues that users experienced on the Solana network have led to transaction delays and dropped transactions. 

These were primarily caused by spam transactions from bots prioritizing their activities over regular users. Despite these challenges, Fantom creator Andre Cronje maintains the performance issues were technical challenges rather than flaws in the network’s consensus mechanism. 

Solana Celebrates Four Years in Operation

Unlike many memecoins that rely primarily on hype and speculation, Solana offers a robust and scalable infrastructure to support decentralized applications (dapps) and facilitate high-speed transactions. This technical prowess has positioned the network as a promising contender in the competitive landscape of blockchain platforms. 

Recall that last month, Solana celebrated its four years of being in operation. In the space of four years, Solana has had an impressive journey as it hit several milestones including processing about 254 million blocks that included 276 billion transactions.

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