These Top 3 Coins Will Shatter Expert Predictions In 2024; Strap In For Profit


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In 2024, three crypto coins, Ethena (ENA), Sui (SUI), and Borroe Finance ($ROE), are set to exceed expectations. These top DeFi coins are expected to revolutionize the DeFi landscape and return substantial gains to investors. Let’s explore more about these best DeFi companies.


Ethena Labs Enhances USDe Stability with Bitcoin Backing

Ethena Labs has backed its USDe token with Bitcoin. It will enhance the stability and reliability of Ethena’s USDe. This step is taken by Ethena due to increased open interest in BTC and its liquidity.

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Besides, ENA was trading around $0.98 in the first week of April. ENA is a newly launched token. In fact, ENA was launched in early April. After the launch, ENA made an ATH of $1.30 on April 3 and is now 22% down from its ATH.

Despite being less than one week old, ENA has a crypto market cap of $1.4 billion. Technical indicators of Ethena suggest that ENA is finding strong support around $0.95. The DMI indicator indicates an ongoing uptrend.

With an optimistic view, experts say ENA could hit the $2.00 mark by the end of 2024. Yet, falling below its support zone will lead ENA’s price towards $0.70 in the short term. Experts say Ethena will offer a nice return in 2024.

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Sui DEX Volume Soars Surpassing Major Blockchains 

The DEX (decentralized exchange) of SUI had over 2.88 billion volumes in March. There has been a rise of over 45% since February. Since the last week of March, Sui has had over 1 billion trading activity. Its TV has also exceeded $700 million.

Besides, SUI was trading over $1.60 at the start of April. It has grown over 13% in the past month. Yet, the MAs and technical indicators like the stochastic RSI and MACD highlight the bearish momentum in the market

The bulls face a challenging task in overcoming resistance to regain control. However, experts are positive that SUI will have a positive rally in 2024. By the end of 2024, they expect the minimum Sui price to be around $2.40.

Borroe Finance Will Transform DeFi with Innovation

Borroe Finance is emerging in the DeFi sector in 2024. It disrupts traditional financing with the help of AI, blockchain, and NFTs. Borroe Finance allows Web3 users to monetize future earnings through NFts. By doing this, $ROE offers a novel liquidity solution to Web3 businesses.

The presale of Borroe Finance is at the last stage offering $ROE tokens at $0.02. After the completion of Stage 5, $ROE will be listed at $0.025 in different exchanges. This offers 25% profit to current investors and up to 150% for early investors.

With over 278 million $ROE tokens sold during the presale, Borroe Finance has emerged as one of the viral token launches. Experts forecast that Borroe Finance will achieve even higher valuations once it hits centralized exchanges. 

Borroe Finance aims to address liquidity issues and flash loans by enabling Web3 businesses to raise funds through NFT sales. Experts advise to buy and HODL $ROE tokens for greater returns in 2024.

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