Tom Brady NFT Hits $40,000 Sale Ahead of Super Bowl

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Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day digital collectibles brand is experiencing significant momentum as Super Bowl weekend approaches. One notable highlight is the sale of an NFT featuring Tom Brady, which fetched over $40,000.

The amount is understandable given that Brady is the only NFL player with more Super Bowl rings than any other. Over his 22-year NFL career, Tom Brady played 20 of those years with the New England Patriots, where he earned five Super Bowl championships.

This sale, along with others like quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ NFT selling for $34,000, indicates the growing interest in digital collectibles within the sports community. In 2021, Tom Brady had offered fans Bitcoin in return for his 600th-touchdown-pass ball.

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Super Bowl NFT Promotions Features Football Legends

Dapper Labs is capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl by releasing promotional drops coinciding with the event. These drops will showcase iconic moments from the careers of legendary Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks like Joe Montana and John Elway.

Montana and Elway have endorsed these digital collectibles, further adding to the anticipation for these exclusive offerings. Although major crypto industry exchanges shunned ads in the Super Bowl, NFT featuring legends continue to gain traction.

Strategic Marketing Approach and Growing Acceptance

Dapper Labs, along with football legends Joe Montana and John Elway, has strategically avoided using the term “NFT” when promoting these collections. This approach may be attributed to the negative connotations associated with the term during crypto market downturns.

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By leveraging the influence of sports icons to promote their digital products, minted on the Flow blockchain, Dapper Labs is making significant strides in the Web3 space. The success of NFL All Day since its launch in 2022 demonstrates the growing acceptance of digital collectibles within the sports industry, despite challenges faced by crypto-related organizations during market fluctuations.

The Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will take place in Las Vegas on Sunday and will be televised. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, marketing opportunities in the United States, and the crypto industry had in previous years explored it for advertisement.

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