Trump Pledges to End Biden’s “War on Crypto” in Campaign Speech


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Speaking on his 78th birthday, former US President Donald Trump promised to halt what he called President Joe Biden’s “war on crypto.” Declared on June 14, during a special speech in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“We will make sure that Bitcoin and other cryptos are developed in America and I will put an end to Joe Biden’s assault on them. We’re going to keep it right here, and a lot of it will be done right here in Florida,” Trump told a rapt audience. Quite different from the objectives of the present administration, Trump is focused on creating a crypto-friendly climate.

Talking Bitcoin with Trump

Trump declared on the social networking site Truth Social: “Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in our nation’s history, wants [crypto] to die a slow and terrible death. With me, it will never happen, Trump said.

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As he gets ready to take on Biden in the 2024 presidential contest, which has November 5 as Election Day, Trump made these remarks. His language emphasizes a major policy difference and seeks to take advantage of the rising dissatisfaction among the cryptocurrency community about regulatory demands.

The Developing Blockchain Hub in Florida

Trump’s pledge to turn Florida into a major cryptocurrency hub is supported by the state’s advantageous tax and regulatory climate. Florida is the “best state” in the union, according CoinLedger, for cryptocurrency taxes.

The lack of state income tax and progressive crypto-friendly laws—which include a trial program that lets companies pay state fees in bitcoin—are credited with this ranking. In sharp contrast, with its onerous laws, New York was rated the worst state for cryptocurrency taxation.

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Significantly, Trump has endorsed Florida’s crypto-friendly position. He declared his support for the Bitcoin mining sector on June 12 and argued that the United States should mine all of the remaining Bitcoins. This fits with his more expansive goal of elevating America to the forefront of the cryptocurrency world.

A Trump Strategic Action

The most recent remarks made by Trump are a part of a larger campaign to present himself as a pro-crypto candidate and appeal to an increasing number of investors and crypto fans who are turned off by the way regulations are now being implemented. His attention on Florida, a crucial swing state, emphasizes how important this group is to his electoral plan.

Trump wants to take advantage of Florida’s current benefits and establish it as a top location for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, so he has pledged to strengthen the state’s reputation as a crypto sanctuary. This strategy is meant to draw in investment in the industry from both home and abroad.

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