Worldcoin Foundation Floats World ID Verification on Solana


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The Worldcoin Foundation has taken a significant step towards enhancing cross-blockchain identity verification by issuing a grant to enable Ethereum-based World ID verification on Solana. According to a post on X, this initiative through the SolanaWorldIDProgram, is part of Worldcoin’s broader strategy to foster interoperability between blockchain networks.

Benefits of the SolanaWorldIDProgram

A recent Worldcoin report, detailing the beneficiaries of the first wave of its Community Grants Program, highlighted Wormhole as one of the 17 awardees. Wormhole, a prominent protocol for facilitating asset and data transfer between blockchains, is expected to leverage this grant to create new avenues for universal identity verification. 

By integrating Ethereum-based World ID with Solana, Wormhole aims to streamline identity verification processes across these two major blockchain networks, enhancing security, efficiency, and user experience. This initiative is not just about connecting Ethereum and Solana, but about setting a precedent for future cross-chain collaborations, paving the way for a more integrated and seamless blockchain ecosystem.

According to Wormhole, zero-knowledge proofs would be among the cryptographic techniques employed via the World ID system to verify user identities without compromising their privacy. Also, it revealed that the integration’s primary objective would be to “read, authenticate, and propagate the World ID state root from Ethereum to Solana.

Worldcoin Pursuit of Maximum Security

Last month, the Worldcoin Foundation launched and opened sourcing of its secure multi-party computation (SMPC) system. The newly released system, now accessible in a GitHub repository, is designed to establish a new benchmark for safeguarding data, including biometric information protection.

In addition to the release, The Global Coin initiative announced that the iris codes have been securely erased following the migration to the new SMPC system and previous uniqueness-checking. Also, the Worldcoin Foundation in collaboration with TACEO and Tools for Humanity, has effectively designed a new implementation of SMPC. These help overcome the scale and cost limitations that caused hindrance to similar efforts in the past.

Worldcoin Re-emerges After Crypto Downtrend

Recall that Worldcoin has been around since 2019 when it was co-founded by Sam Altman and Alex Blania. Since then, it has maintained a low profile until the launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat known as ChatGPT which became a global sensation.

However, it has made a revolutionary reintroduction at a time when the crypto industry is trying to recover from the bear market which it suffered in 2022. This is in addition to the inglorious collapse and bankruptcy filing of the FTX exchange in November last year. 

Meanwhile, the OpenAI CEO said he is inching towards securing to $100 million for his Worldcoin Crypto Project, Worldcoin. The project is all about leveraging iris-scanning technology to design a secure global cryptocurrency.

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