Worldcoin Garners 90% Support in Spain


Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency initiative centered around identity and co-founded by Sam Altman, has recently garnered substantial support in Spain. According to a blog post, Worldcoin surveyed over 21,000 Spanish users to seek their opinions on the platform.

The price of Worldcoin Soars by 3% 

The survey’s result indicated that nearly 90% of participants are eager for the project to return to the country. This overwhelming backing underscores the growing acceptance and enthusiasm in Spain for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations. Also, the survey’s findings reflect a significant endorsement of Worldcoin’s mission and technology. 

Meanwhile, 73% of the respondents are optimistic that Worldcoin can help create a safer and more secure internet. Likewise, 82% see technologies like World ID as crucial for distinguishing between humans and bots online, while 81% of users feel safe using Worldcoin.

Following the positive survey results, the price of Worldcoin (WLP) experienced a notable increase of 3%. This uptick in WLP’s value indicates the market’s positive response to the support shown by Spanish participants. Investors and stakeholders interpret this strong local backing as a sign of Worldcoin’s potential for broader adoption and long-term success.

Worldcoin’s Uphill Battle

Worldcoin‘s effort is to drive the widespread acceptance of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the groundbreaking concept of Proof of Personhood in an era dominated by artificial intelligence (AI). Likewise, Worldcoin has launched a major achievement in its journey to provide users with digital identification and complimentary cryptocurrency by utilizing a device called the “orb” that scans their irises.

Also, it collaborated and bolstered ties with government leaders to safeguard user data and privacy concerns. However, since its inception, the firm has been scrutinized by various nations due to concerns surrounding data collection. The iris verification device was also suspended due to regulatory hurdles in key markets.

Worldcoin Making Moves Amid Challenges

Amid the regulatory challenges, Worldcoin partnered with OpenAI to solidify its innovative solutions for regulatory compliance. To alleviate concerns regarding the gathering and safekeeping of its data, the Worldcoin project implemented steps that led to the development of SMPC.

Interestingly, top government officials are still interested in engaging with Worldcoin amidst the growing curiosity and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence, including issues like deepfakes. Earlier this year, Tools for Humanity moved to enhance its relationship with the government by appointing Trevor Traina, a former United States ambassador of Austria, as its head of global affairs.

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