President Joe Biden’s Campaign Team on the Hunt for Meme Manager


The Joe Biden for President (BFP) campaign recently advertised a job opening for a “Partner Manager, Content and Meme page. The job responsibility involves overseeing and coordinating daily activities related to engaging popular content and meme pages across the internet. 

Joe Biden: Tough stance against crypto 

According to the report, Biden’s team plans to offer the meme manager based in Wilmington, Delaware, an annual salary ranging from $65,000 to $85,000, slightly surpassing the average pay for digital marketers in the U.S.

Biden’s social media strategist will portray him as someone in tune with the internet culture. His campaign jumped on board with “Dark Brandon” a laser eyes meme

At Seth Meyers’ Late Night show in February, President Joe Biden addressed Dark Brandon, saying, “I resent the hell out of it”. He brought up the character again at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in April, earning cheers from the crowd.

It is worth noting that he has not shown much support for the digital asset industry and likely won’t in the future. He recently made a “critical call” for crypto regulations. 

Again, his administration recently showed support with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to take a firm stance against crypto firms and indicated to veto the joint resolution on crypto policy. However, he backtracked on the veto plans in a last-minute shift.

Is Joe Biden rattled by Donald Trump’s crypto affluence? 

Across the political aisle, Trump is quite familiar with memes and has portrayed himself as a pro-crypto candidate

His mugshot from August 2023 became a sensation after his arrest at Fulton County Jail, Georgia, for his fourth indictment. It appears that a lot of Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, have also changed their stance on crypto 

During Trump’s election campaign, he mentioned accepting crypto donations, seemingly in an effort to win more votes. This shift has led to a change in perspective on crypto, with many Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, endorsing the FIT21 crypto bill.

This initiative from Biden’s re-election campaign manager seems like President Joe Biden is attempting to woo Gen Z voters. 

The Importance of Social Media 

In this age, digital outreach is as crucial as traditional face-to-face campaigns like meeting people at a local farmers market. 

If a candidate wants to reach out to voters effectively, they have to be active online, where a viral post can reach millions. This is why Biden’s team has a TikTok account, despite the President signing a bill that will effectively ban the app in the US

Social media’s significance in the world of blockchain cannot be ignored. It offers a space for sharing information, updates, and discussions concerning blockchain technology.

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