Tom Brady Roasted For His Crypto Mishap on Netflix Special


The “Roast of Tom Brady” is a stand-up comedy show on the streaming platform, Netflix. The special featured comedian Kevin Hart as the host, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkoswki, Star NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and many others.

Tom Brady was teased for his crypto investments during the show. The cast, especially, Kevin Hart, did not hold back the jokes about his love for Bitcoin and connection to the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Notably, those crypto jokes came in hot right from the start.

Tom Brady is one of several pro athletes that promote cryptocurrencies. He launched his own NFT platform called Autograph, traded one Bitcoin for his 600th touchdown ball, and received tokens from FTX under an endorsement.

From Crypto Dreams to Nightmares 

FTX Trading Ltd was one of the leading digital assets exchange firms founded in 2019 by Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Wang.

The exchange had countless users and investors on its platform because it provides a digital wallet to store crypto coins directly in a personal account. However, FTX turned from a visionary dream to a scandalous rogue. It later went bankrupt and got charged for operating a fraud-ridden crypto cryptocurrency exchange and crypto hedge fund. 

In 2021, Brady and his ex-wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, announced their equity stake in FTX. The celebrity couple appeared in a series of commercials and at live events with Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX founder and convicted felon.

Kevin also had his share of crypto mishaps. He recently sold his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT at a significant loss of 83%. He was named a defendant in a $7 million class-action lawsuit related to the alleged fraudulent ICO of the crypto project FLiK in 2019.

Tom Brady: The Public Never Forgets

When the exchange went under, it was revealed that the $30 million fee was mostly paid in FTT, the official token of FTX.

Unfortunately, FTT experienced a major crash just before FTX filed for bankruptcy. As a result, Brady and Bündchen, who were involved in promoting FTX among many celebrities, have been included in a class-action lawsuit by FTX investors and clients. The lawsuit aims to hold them responsible for encouraging people to use the exchange.

A few celebrities like Trevor Lawrence, and YouTube influencers Tom Nash and Kevin Paffrath have already settled in the case. However, Brady and Bündchen are still defendants. That might explain why Brady seemed a bit uncomfortable when comedian Nikki Glaser made fun of his involvement with FTX.

Regardless of the legal troubles and crypto losses Tom had faced, it was recently announced that his NFT made a whopping $40,000 in sales right before the Super Bowl event.

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