Will Meme Coin Craze Boom In H2 2024? Hong Kong Regulators To Allow Spot $ETH ETF Issuers to Stake



In H1 2024, the United States approved spot Bitcoin ETFs, leading to an altcoin rally that benefited meme coins like $GFOX

$GFOX has gained attention as a high-quality alternative to Dogecoin and PEPE. 

The United States approval of spot Ethereum ETF listings poses challenges, while analysts suggest that similar products may be issued in Hong Kong, where staking is permitted. 

Crypto is never short of excitement and twists. In H1 2024, the United States approved the spot Bitcoin ETFs, triggering an altcoin rally that lifted top meme coins like $BOME, $PEPE, and Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Even as Dogecoin fails excitement, smart investors are looking for high-quality alternatives, and $GFOX has been a big beneficiary. 

As June approaches, analysts predict the meme coin euphoria will spill over to H2 2024, this time driven by anticipation of spot Ethereum ETF launch and easing crypto regulation in Hong Kong. 

Meme Coins: $GFOX To Spearhead The Rally?

According to CoinMarketCap, the cumulative market cap of all meme coins stands at over $64 billion. If meme coins were a crypto project, it would be the sixth-most valuable project, surpassing $XRP and $USDC. Of note is that even after the sharp correction in 2022, Dogecoin is the most valuable meme coin. 

While this is the case, most meme coins, including $BOME, are over-reliant on social media hype. Dogecoin rose primarily because of celebrity endorsement, with the backing of Elon Musk most noteworthy.

However, many investors are searching for alternatives following the sharp correction of crypto prices in 2022 and changing regulations, which saw Musk sued for billions. Some are increasingly vouching for meme coins with utility like $GFOX to succeed.

After listing $GFOX in April, trading started on Uniswap. Hours after listing, $GFOX soared before retracing slightly to spot rates. As market participants expect another wave of higher highs in H2 2024, traders are bullish that $GFOX and quality meme coins seeking to disrupt the status quo will likely soar, registering new highs.

In GFOX’s case, the Galaxy Fox play-to-earn (P2E) game launch in mid-May is a massive vote of confidence, pointing to the direction its developers want to take. Already, P2E is part of the blockchain scene, an industry projected to be worth billions in the coming years. 

In the P2E game, Galaxy Fox gamers who engage will receive rewards through gameplay. Every time they receive $GFOX, they can choose to stake and earn even more rewards.

However, what stands out about the game is the integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). All digital foxes, which are part of gameplay, are valuable items that are unique and tradable. Depending on the rarity, they can be swapped for $GFOX or other coins, increasing the gamer’s revenue.

For Info about $GFOX, visit Galaxyfox.io 

Spot Ethereum ETFs: United States Versus Hong Kong

The success of $GFOX on Ethereum also comes at a critical time for the smart contracts platform. After weeks of doubts, the United States SEC accelerated the approval of spot Ethereum ETF listings, much to the surprise of the community.

While the product will likely go live in Q3 2024, when ETH will also find even more regulatory clarity, the decision by the regulator to bar spot ETF issuers like BlackRock from staking is a huge roadblock. 

Analysts now say spot Ethereum ETFs will be encouraged to issue similar products in Hong Kong since the SFC permits issuers to stake. By allowing staking, it looks like the city-state’s regulator wants to attract more institutional players, helping foster a more stable environment that will positively impact the broader ecosystem, including meme coins. 

Conclusion: An Ethereum-driven Bull Market In H2 2024?

How the crypto and meme coin markets perform in H2 2024 hinges on developments around spot Ethereum ETFs. Further regulatory clarity, including the declaration from the United States SEC that ETH is not a security, will be a massive boost for $ETH, altcoins, and $GFOX. Meanwhile, only time will tell whether the incentive provided by the Hong Kong SFC will attract big players.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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