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Proponents of digital currencies in South Korea are beginning to mount pressure on regulators to permit crypto ETF products

Marathon Digital CEO Fred Thiel is excited to team up with the Kenyan government to further develop the country’s renewable energy sector.

The Coinbase legal team asserted that the SEC is attempting to sidestep the Howey test, a claim that might affect the boarder market.

The ad from VanEck quickly gained traction, amassing over 1,300 reposts and 312,000 views at the time of writing.

If the S-1 forms are signed off as expected, analyst predicts that spot Ether ETFs will attract 20% of the inflows seen by spot Bitcoin ETFs.

The Campaign team of US President Joe Biden is currently eyeing employing a Meme Manager to portray him as tech savvy

The approval of the Prometheum ETH custody service as a security, despite its disputed classification, has added fuel to the controversy.

The amendments filed by asset managers like BlackRock and Grayscale primarily address the removal of provisions related to staking.

Kelp DAO, a leading protocol in the liquid restaking sector, recently secured $9 million in a private token sale round

Standard Chartered Bank is hopeful that the spot Ethereum ETF applications by US issuers may finally be approved this week

Prometheum announced its intention to classify Ether as a security upon the launch of its custodial services.

Digital assets investment products recorded a total of $932 million in inflows in the past week according to CoinShares

The ongoing legal battle between COPA and Australian Computer Scientist Dr. Craig Wright has received its final ruling

Kraken CEO Mark Greenberg emphasized commitment to adhering to all legal requirements, even those the company may not fully agree with. 

Gemini Earn customers might soon receive back their funds after the court approved the bankruptcy repayment proposal from Genesis

According to PitchBook, a total of 518 deals, amounting to $2.3 billion, were closed in the first quarter within the crypto market. 

Crypto trading firm Genesis Global has secured court approval on its bankruptcy distribution plans in major win over DCG

Kraken is evaluating its support for Tether (USDT), in response to forthcoming EU digital asset regulations

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Proponents of digital currencies in South Korea are beginning to mount..

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