COPA Seeks Reimbursement Against Craig Wright


The Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) has intensified its legal battle with Craig Wright, seeking substantial financial reimbursement and legal restrictions following a landmark court ruling. 

On Friday, COPA’s legal representatives petitioned Judge James Mellor to mandate that Wright cover 85% of the costs incurred by the group during the proceedings.

COPA Brings Wright to a U.K. court

In February, COPA brought Wright to a U.K. court to conclusively determine if he was the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Over the years, Wright had repeatedly taken legal action against members of the crypto community, asserting his identity as Nakamoto. In March, the English court ruled in favor of COPA, declaring that Wright was not the creator of Bitcoin and did not author the Bitcoin whitepaper.

A Civil Restraint Order

Jonathan Hough, one of COPA’s legal representatives, also requested a civil restraint order against Wright to prevent him from pursuing further legal actions. Hough argued that Wright “has poured out threats,” and offered to submit a list of online posts that Wright should be compelled to take down.

Hough further suggested that the case be forwarded for criminal proceedings, citing the court’s judgment that Wright committed multiple forgeries during the trial. Bitcoin developers involved in the case also demanded that Wright cover 85.2% of their legal costs. 

Hough emphasized the need to stop Wright from continuing to “propagate lies,” underscoring the public interest in ending the litigation that has spanned more than five years. Wright has previously brought suits against COPA members such as Coinbase Inc. (COIN) and Kraken.

Reducing Reimbursement to 70% 

In response, Wright’s defense argued that restricting Wright from asserting he is Nakamoto could infringe on his human rights

“What if Dr. Wright sent an email to a medical professional asserting he was Satoshi – that’s a publication of a statement,” argued Craig Orr, Wright’s lawyer. Orr also described the suggestion to remove all of Wright’s posts as “parasitic” and proposed reducing the reimbursement to 70% of COPA’s incurred costs.

COPA and Craig Wright

The courtroom was filled with legal professionals eager to witness the conclusion of this high-profile trial. They listened intently as Hough played back a video of Wright from an Oxford Union event in 2019. 

“Yes, there are altered pages,” Wright said in the video, which resonated through the courtroom. “So, I’m going to court on this; I don’t need to face trolls in rooms. You know what happens when you lie in court; you know what happens – for court perjury – you get 20 years. That’s how real things work in the real world outside of the crypto Twitter-storm world. In the real world, people have evidence and rules.”

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